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WordPress Three Columns Kubrick Theme

Wordpress Default 3-Columns is a three columns(content, sidebar1 and sidebar2) layout theme for WordPress 1.5 (tested on WP2.x), based on Kubrick theme.

WordPress Three Columns Kubrick Theme

What’s different?

Basically, I add one more column(sidebar) at the right, shorten the header height, and add sidebars to single post view.




Upload the extracted folder(three-col-kubrick) to wp-content/themes, click on “Presentation” in the administration panel and select it from the list. Done.

Who are using this template?

Some popular blogs are using modified version of my three columns kubrick theme such as SlackerManager, VoIP Blog, and many others.


  1. How to change sidebar background color?
    The sidebar background color is a background image, not CSS color. To change the color, you edit the “kubrickbg.png” image.
  2. Do you have a “sidebar-content-sidebar” 3 column kubrick theme?
    No for the moment. I will working on it.
  3. How do I make the entire header clickable?
    Open index.php. Find:

    <div id=”header”>

    and change the line to:

    <div id=”header”
    style=”cursor: pointer;”>

    This will make the entire header a link.

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My two cents:

The three column theme serves my own needs. I was looking for three column kubrick theme, but nobody make one. So, I made it.

This is my first WP theme, though it is simply(took me a day) modifying the default WP theme. As a CSS newbie, I learned a lot from this experience.

P/S: If this is not what you are looking for, try the list of three columns WP themes or recommended WordPress themes.

Update: Felix Ker made a widgets-enabled version of the theme.

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