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So, you want to make FAST money by blogging? Someone from Singapore is looking for part time bloggers to write about Asian celebrities. Each blog post get paid for $1 USD.

Will you take the job? Personally, I think $1 USD is under paid. If you are willing to blog for $1 USD per post, please let me know. ;)

Writing paid blog posts is a fast way to make money online. The more you write, the more money you get.

For me, it is not an ideal way. If you are able to write many blog posts, you would better setup your own blog and start making money from your blog.

You will need to take some time to learn about setting up a blog, blog marketing and promotion, and some tips and tricks on blogging. Here are some books that might help:

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22 thoughts on “Write Blog Posts for Money”

  1. That person surely knows how to make money from blogging by paying US1 per article. That kind of money will only attract low quality article. Unless he/she is trustworthy I doubt anybody want to submit anything for review/acceptance.

  2. I receive your feed for this post at my spam mail folder ( yahoo ). I am a subscribe member. Please check, Liew , other member might facing the same problem.

  3. Hi Liew,

    What a GOOD recommendation for newbies blogger a head start!
    You are right, if those people know how to blog, they will blog on their own.

    Blogging is good income now, after i did my internet research, we must know Web2.0 like YouTube & FaceBook.

    I saw an Australia Guy has 7 millions hit on her YouTube Channel.

    I believe that is another way to promote ourselves on Internet!

    Best regards

  4. its hard for someone to blog for $1 per blog post…. unless it really really really for fun or that guy willing to provide me 400-500 words (unique article, keyword riched, etc…..)

    liewcf, if you willing to do a blog post for $1, let me know.

  5. Hi Liewcf,

    It was me who posted the ad on craigslist.org. I’m also a long time reader on your blog.

    Yes.. $1 per blog post is not a lot. But this doesn’t require 500 or 1,000 words with technical information. All it requires is few sentences with a few pictures. Can easily take only 5 minutes to complete. Maybe 10 minutes or more for other people. At 5 minutes @ 1, it’s $12 per hour, at 10 minutes @ $1, it’s $6 per hour. Not too bad if you compare to office jobs, retail jobs, fast food jobs, etc. Considering there is no traveling time, transportation charges, no fixed time, low stress and quite fun task for people who are into Asian stars and idols.

    Say a office job/retail job pays $8 per hour. First you have to factor in the “transportation TIME”, then “transportation charge”, then you have to worry about being too late or too early for work, Taxes, Fixed Time (you can’t change your schedule because you want to spend time with friends or family) etc. etc.

    This job is perfect for people who likes Asian stars and idols and making few coins for “coffee money”

    Anyways, if anybody who is interested in writing (just few sentences, 50-100 words) about Asian stars and Idols, etc. Please email me at mikelau at live dot com


  6. USD1? Wah… it hard to make money online like this..hmmm have to find other job.

    Anyway thank for the info, I alredy read the ProBlogger book, it really great. If newbiez… they have to know what is blog and some technical wording. As I mention in my blog about this book.

    Now I’m reading The Irresistible Offer by Mark Joyner.

    As you mention it hard for the begining if we want to build our own blog, if we don’t about HTML but we can learn from great people in the internet that always helping each other.

    My experince last 4 days ago, Almost 3 hours to put the adsense google search box at my blog….

    Hah…ha….I heard someone is laughing ;-)

    It okey now.

    Great info

  7. This is my second time reread this article, after rethink about this, i think this can be consider as a good chance for those who dont have money or dont want to waste money.
    for those who dont has too much pocket money or dont want waste money to purchase domain name and hosting due to scared loss after blogging, u can try to get this job and post 100 post and get $100, with this amout you can get personal domaina and hosting(One year with bluehost or hostmaster or hostgator)


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