Youth Malaysia 2008

Last Friday, I attended the “Youth Malaysia 2008“. I wouldn’t say it is an interesting event but I met some friends, that’s the most important to me.

I went there around 10am because I was curious about the special appearance of Friendster.com. Every visitor was required to register themselves for free. Surprisingly, there were only a few visitors. Everyone was walking around the booths without much interest.

Friendster: Karen Kong

Friendster Karen Kong

The Friendster.com special appearance started half hour late. The special guests were Friendster CEO and Karen Kong. Karen is a singer who built her popularity in Friendster.com.

She is a student of University Tunku Abdul Rahman. There was short interview about Friendster and Karen Kong. She didn’t perform her song anyway. Karen was quite cute but seemed nervous. By the way, there were only less than 20 visitors sitting below the stage…

Frankly, I didn’t know her until the day. When I went back, I asked my younger brother whether he heard about her or not. He answered, “Karen Kong? Hey, I am her fan!” Wow, she is quite popular! ;)

The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search

The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search was the main purpose I attended Youth Malaysia 2008. It was started late too. Not sure what’s the reason, probably waiting for VIP or waiting for more audience.

As expected, Paul Tan (pic) was the winner of “special award” that was most voted website. The “special award” is only a framed certificate. The grand prize (RM20,000 + laptop) was won by ShoutMix (pic), a chatbox widget.
Paul Tan
I heard about ShoutMix a few years back. The founder developed the web app alone by himself. It has become popular and powered by two dedicated server, as I heard. Congrats to him!

The whole prize giving only took less than 5 minutes. Many people were wondering who are the winners and why they won? Many people asked why only 1 grand prize of RM20,000 cash, instead of dividing it into few more smaller prizes?

Paul Tan, the winner, wasn’t quite happy about the whole event.


Beside being curious about who the winner would be, meeting net friends was the other reason I was there.

Fellow Bloggers
(from left) SaiMatKong, AhKong, LiewCF, Adi, and Poh

Glad to meet them, although we don’t have time to sit down and have a nice talk. :)

Christy and LiewCF
Christy and I

Christy is my net friend. We met for the first time at Youth `08. She has a personal blog that I visit almost daily. I rarely read personal blog. Christy is a friendly college student. She is single and available, but she is not interested in love relationship at the moment. Check out Christy’s Facebook profile to know more about her.

“Traffic Jam”

Traffic Jam is one of the program of Youth `08 where 100 PCs display 100 blogs. Each blogger can decorate the PC that display their blog. It was started at Saturday but I peeped at the computers on Friday. Here are some decorations that I found interesting:

Traffic Jam blog Traffic Jam blog IMG_0048.JPG

Click Here for other Traffic Jam’s PC pics.

More pics? Check out my Flickr photo album “Youth Malaysia 2008“!

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