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As promised, I made a donation with the collected 27th Birthday Fund. The donation goes to Wikimedia Foundation, which operas Wikipedia and other Wiki-projects.

Why give to Wikimedia?

I have been thinking about who should receive the donation since I have collected the money. I saw the Wikipedia fundraising banner before, but what caused me to make this decision is the following picture on the Wikimedia fundraising blog “Why Give to Wikimedia?

Village School, Kuito, Angola
Image: Village School, Kuito, Angola (credit: wikimedia)

Together with the collected $52USD, I donated $60USD to Wikimedia. If 99 other donate the same amount, then it is enough fund for Wikimedia to send 3 students to their annual Wikimania conference.

The following messages are to be shared with the 16 contributors of my 27th birthday fund. :)

Wikimedia: Thank you for your donation!
Image: Wikimedia: Thank you for your donation! readers support Wikimedia!
Image: readers support Wikimedia!

Make donation to Wikimedia (Wikipedia)

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13 thoughts on “Donation to Wikimedia Foundation”

  1. hey that’s really cool! Keep the donation spirit going.

    Maybe something similar should be done to help improve education quality in the underprivileged communities around the ASEAN region as well too.

  2. Hi Liew,

    I agree with Omar Yesid, charity is a way to multiply our wealthy. By the way, thank for your helps in getting back my mozilla..fuhh..almost a month i am not using mozilla. May god always bless you.

  3. Do a good deed after you have money to spare is a great and holy action. We should donate regularly to help those poor people to make their live easier.
    Great Activities, Liew!

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