Nokia N9 in Malaysia: Celcom vs. DiGi

Nokia n9

MALAYSIA: Nokia N9 is now available in Malaysia at retail price RM1799 (16GB). Two local telcos, DiGi and Celcom, have special Nokia N9 phone plans. You can get N9 as low as RM968.

Nokia N9 is the first MeeGo mobile operating system smartphone from Nokia. It has no buttons on the front and a unibody design with curved 3.9-inch touchscreen, 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics.

Celcom Nokia N9 packages

Celcom Nokia N9

Celcom N9 plans are: Exec 50 (RM88/month) and Exec 250 (RM250/month). The latter includes 5GB Internet data. Exec 50 includes 1GB Internet data. You have an option to upgrade to 3GB Internet data by adding RM20/month on top of RM88, make it RM108/month. N9 price start from RM1418 to only RM968.

DiGi Nokia N9 packages

DiGi Nokia N9

DiGi offer Nokia N9 with two plans: DG Smart Plan 48 (RM43/month) and DG Smart Plan 68 (RM63/month). The former includes 1GB Internet data, the latter has 3GB. DiGi N9 price start from RM1549 to RM1199. The contract terms are 12 months or 24 months. The contract period is 12 month or 18 month (not 24 month).

My two cents

At first glance, DiGi seems to have better offer (read: cheaper) than Celcom. DiGi has less discount for Nokia N9 but its plans are cheaper. However, remember to consider network coverage too. Celcom has wider coverage in Malaysia than DiGi.


p>By the way, Maxis is quiet about Nokia N9. They do not have any special plan for N9. The current latest Maxis-Nokia phone plan is Nokia E7.

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