P1 MiFi Modem (MF230) Review: Performance (Part 2 of 2)

P1 4G MiFi modem (MF230)

As a member of P1 MiFi Seeding Program, I received a P1 MiFi modem (MF230) loan unit with unlimited usage quota for review. This is part 2 of 2. Read Part 1 here.

Network coverage

P1 MiFi modem (MF230) is designed for outdoor usage where less objects blocking the P1 wireless network signal. However, no harm to use it indoor, as long as the modem catches the P1 network signal.

WiFi-enable car using P1 MiFi modem (MF230)
WiFi-enable car using P1 MiFi modem (MF230)

Unlike telco networks which you expected they have coverage anywhere you are, P1 network coverage is smaller. You might get excellent reception here, but poor reception just a few steps away.

It is a bit frustrating that you need to find a sweet spot (good network coverage) to place the P1 MiFi modem, instead of moving around freely with the MiFi modem in your pocket.

MiFi download speed

MF230 can support download speed up to 10Mbps. The download speed is greatly depends on the P1 network signal quality of a location.

I was able to get up to 6Mbps download speed. But the download speed could potentially slow down to only few hundred Kbps with poor P1 network signal. It’s a mixed experience.

Quote from P1 website:

“Speed depends on factors such as modem capability, location, distance from communication towers and number of simultaneous users.”

Battery life

I was told that MF230 battery life is only 4 hours. But in my testing, MF230 battery life last longer than 6 hours. Nice!

P1 4G MiFi Plans

MF230 MiFi modem is available ToGo PostPaid plans, starting from RM39/month. The MF230 modem is free if you sign up 24 months contract.

MF230 MiFi modem also available for P1 OnePlan subscribers with RM100 upfront.

P1 MiFi Modem (MF230) Review, read Part 1 of 2

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  1. can the speed maintained at 6mbps? i think most user would like to know what is the average speed assuming in the open area with good signal coverage?


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