iPad vs. Kindle: 4 Things to Consider Before you Decide

This is a guest post by Kate Willson. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle

The iPad, Apple’s latest in its lineup of mobile, connected gadgets that seem to be taking over the world, functions almost as well as a full-fledged laptop. And it’s also marketed as an e-reader.

This puts the technologically savvy, book-loving consumer in a bit of quandary — should you go for the iPad which is an e-reader among other things, or pick Amazon’s Kindle, a cheaper though reliable e-reader with not as many additional capabilities?

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Here’s a Quick Way to Make Money from Twitter using Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates introduced a Share on Twitter feature to allow members to share product links via Twitter, with their affiliate id embedded. Members will earn referral money if their Twitter followers buy the product via the link.

Here I show you how to make money using the Amazon Associates’ “Share on Twitter” feature. It is as easy as 1-2-3!

Wait! you need to be a member of Amazon Associates. Registration is free. Of course, you must be a Twitter user too!

Got both accounts? Great! Read on for the tutorial.

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