How to Sell Domain Name for a DSLR Camera?

My friend, Weilian, always wanted to have an DSLR camera. One day he was approached to sell his not-so-famous-low-pagerank domain name.

Here Weilian shared his experience on selling domain name for a Canon EOS 450D DSLR camera, which worth over $800 USD.

Canon EOS 450D "cosmopark"

A guy approached me somewhere in March asking me whether I would like to sell my domain name COSMOPARK.COM. I ignored his email thinking it was just a “prank call”. Moreover I didn’t see the need why I should sell it.

I was approached for the second time in mid July by the same guy asking for the same thing. For a second thought, hey, maybe I could trade Cosmopark for a Canon EOS 450D.

The buyer and I exchanged a few emails to bargain and to finalize the payment method. Finally it was settled but there were a few problems…

  1. What if the buyer pays me the amount but I refuse to transfer the domain name?
  2. What if the buyer got the domain name and cancels his payment and I get nothing?

Although this was not big money, we needed to take precautions too. The solution was to use

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Now You Can Register Malaysia .MY 2nd Level Domain Name

MYNIC dot MY domain logoMYNIC has officially opening public registration of Malaysia 2nd level domain name (2LD) “.MY” at 25th March 2008. Dot MY domain name is open for personal and corporate in Malaysia. The domain registration fee is RM120 per year (~USD$27.50) via MYNIC domain resellers.

Requirements for “.MY” domain name registration

  • Registered company in Malaysia (Form D / 24 / 49)
  • OR, Malaysian above 18 year old (Identity card)

Do you need a dot MY domain name?

If you cannot get your desire top level domain name (.com/.net/.org) and you are Malaysian, you have higher chance to get the domain name you want ended with “.MY”.

However, RM120 is expensive for a domain name nowadays. The “” domain name registration is only RM80 and top level domain name is as low as USD$9 per year.

If your business is based in Malaysia, make sure you secure your “.MY” domain name before registered by others. As far as I tested, many famous names have been taken because MYNIC existing clients have the priority to secure their “.MY” domain name before the public open.

“Domain Names for Dummies”

Will I get a .MY domain name too?

Maybe. I plan to get a very short domain name (that’s cool!) for personal use. Also, I will register dot MY domain name when my ideal domain names are taken. Anyway, I will consider twice before registration because the RM120 per year registration fee is much expensive than others.

How about you? Have you get your .MY domain name?