LINE Dragonica Mobile Online Game Download Starts in June 2015

LINE Dragonica Mobile
LINE Dragonica Mobile press conference
LINE Dragonica Mobile press conference

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, parent company of CIB, is partnering with LINE Corporation for channeling & distribution LINE Dragonica Mobile in Southeast Asia in June 2015.

LINE Game was started in 2012, now has 44 games available with over 546 million total downloads as of March 31st, 2015.

LINE Dragonica Mobile is Asiasoft’s first channeling game launched in Malaysia through LINE platform. More channeling game titles are coming in next few months.

LINE Dragonica gameplay

LINE Dragonica Mobile is an action based role-playing (ARPG) mobile game with left/right navigation based on the popular PC online game, Dragonica Online. Dragonica Online (Dragon Saga) is a successful online game title in 39 countries and had more than 18 million registered users.

LINE Dragonica Mobile
LINE Dragonica Mobile

Developed by Studio Funnigloo, Dragon Saga – Prelude (or Dragonica Mobile version) was launched in April 2014. It has similar game modes and combat system as the PC version, and all original beautiful graphic and features are successfully transferred into mobile version.

LINE Dragonica Mobile has 6 playable classes: Knight, Gladiator, Wizard, Warlock, Thief, Assassin. Players can take part in Daily mission, Story line,  Quests, PvP, Avatar Costume and others.

The mobile game will be available in 6 Southeast Asia countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines.

LINE Dragonica Mobile download available on both iOS AppStore and Google Play Store on 10th June 2015. Register now to receive free special items.

BBM for Android & iPhone: Download Now, then Wait in Queue to Start Using

BBM for Android and iPhone
BBM for Android and iPhone
BBM for Android and iPhone

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is now available for Android and iOS mobile platforms in Google Play, App Store, and selected Samsung App Stores.

On 21st Oct 2013, BlackBerry announced that it has officially resume rollout of BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone around the globe.

You will see BBM in Google Play, App Store and in select Samsung App Stores. Yes, BBM is free to download.

However, BlackBerry is implementing a queuing system for those who are interested to install BBM on Android or iPhone:

  1. Visit from your Android or iPhone browser to download BBM.
  2. Install and open BBM app and enter your email address to hold your spot in line.
  3. BlackBerry will email you as soon as you reach the front of the line and can start using BBM.
BBM line-up
BBM line-up

Good news. If you are one of the millions who previously signed up for information about BBM at, you can start using BBM immediately without waiting in line.

Innitially, the launch dates for BBM for Android and BBM for iOS is September 21 and 22, respectively. BlackBerry is 1-month late.

BBM for iOS was released in Malaysia last month but was quickly halted due to demand strain on its servers, and then delayed BBM for Android launch.


Fake CIMB Clicks Android App Found on Google Play Store

Fake CIMB Android App
Screenshot: Fake CIMB Android App
Screenshots: Fake CIMB Android App

CIMB Clicks is one of the most popular online banking service in Malaysia. It has official mobile apps for iOS and Android to allow customers to manage their bank account on-the-go.

Apparently, a fake CIMB Clicks app called “CIMB Clicks Perbankan Internet” (no link for obvious reason) get passed Google Play store security check and listed for free download.

Fake CIMB app

The fake app is listed on Google Play Store on June 11, 2013 and it has been installed over 500 times in 1 week. While the official CIMB Clicks app description is written in English. The fake app uses Malay language for its description. The developer’s website – – is not active. You can try to email the developer at

Based on the app screenshot, the fake CIMB app asks for your CIMB online banking account’s User ID and Password, which is VERY DANGEROUS! The app could collect your login information to access your account. Already have users warned about the fake app in the app review.

I already notified CIMB and Google Malaysia about the fake app, and CIMB replied that they are already working on removing the fake app. Good job!

Like every Malaysian banks, CIMB uses one-time TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code) sent to mobile phone via SMS for additional security to protect customers against unauthorised access to bank account. Nevertheless, you never want to expose your online banking account username and password to strangers.

HERE is the only one official CIMB Clicks app for Android devices.

How to avoid Android Malware?

The Android malware has been doubled in 2012 when compared to 2011. How do you protect yourselves from those malware? Here are a few suggestions (via techrepublic:

  • Install latest Android updates to patch vulnerabilities.
  • For Android 4.1.2 and above, Make sure “Unknown sources” under Security section in Settings is Unchecked.
  • Review all permissions requested by an app upon installation. Is the app asking too much access?
  • Read app reviews before install any app.
  • Install anti-malware app for Android, such as avast! Mobile Security, Lookout Security & Antivirus, Norton Mobile Security Lite, Zoner AntiVirus. (they are free!)

WeChat Malaysia Launched with First Bahasa Malaysia TV Commercial

WeChat ambassadors: Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam
WeChat ambassadors: Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam
WeChat ambassadors: Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam

WeChat, the popular social communications app from Tencent China, has officially launched in Malaysia on 2nd April 2013. In conjunction with the launch, WeChat Bahasa Malaysia TV Commercial (TVC) starring local celebrities and WeChat ambassadors Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam also made its debut.

WeChat Bahasa Malaysia TVC

Three versions of the Bahasa Malaysia TVC were developed to target the larger segment of the local Bahasa Malaysia speaking market. The TVCs will be aired in April 2013 over 4 TV channels: TV3, TV9, Astro Prima and Astro Ria. Behind the scenes videos also published on official WeChat Malaysia youtube channel.

Each TVC highlights a WeChat feature:

  1. Video Calls

  2. Moment

  3. Hold to Talk

These aren’t WeChat first TVC in Malaysia. The first WeChat TVC in Malaysia was Chinese TVC starring Show Lo and Rainie Yang from Taiwan in January 2013.

RM1 Domino’s Pizza

Also at the launch, WeChat announced the partnership with Domino’s Pizza. WeChat users who follow Domino’s official account are entitled to purchase a second regular pizza for RM1 with the purchase of a regular pizza at standard price.

WeChat press event photo gallery

About WeChat

WeChat was first launched in January 2011 and have over 300 millions user accounts in just over two years. It is one of the fastest growing mobile social communications apps. WeChat is available to Malaysians in June 2012. The app supports sending live chat, voice, video, photo and text messages. It is now the No.1 ranking app in both Apple AppStore (social networking free category) and Google Play (communication free category). Other supported mobile platforms are Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. WeChat support up to 17 languages.

➤ WeChat

Top 10 Football Games for Your Android Smartphone and Tablet

football on field
football on field
(Image credit: Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan –

Football, also known as soccer in some countries, is one of the world’s most famous sports. Wherever you go around the world, you will see people playing the game.

Over the past couple of years, football games are slowly easing their way into the world of mobile devices. With powerful processors being built into smartphones and tablets these days, more highly advanced football games with great graphics and controls are being developed by game publishers to capture the hearts of mobile gaming fans.

In this article, we are going to look at the 10 football games that you should download and play on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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