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LINE Dragonica Mobile Online Game Download Starts in June 2015

LINE Dragonica Mobile press conference
LINE Dragonica Mobile press conference

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, parent company of CIB, is partnering with LINE Corporation for channeling & distribution LINE Dragonica Mobile in Southeast Asia in June 2015.

LINE Game was started in 2012, now has 44 games available with over 546 million total downloads as of March 31st, 2015.

LINE Dragonica Mobile is Asiasoft’s first channeling game launched in Malaysia through LINE platform. More channeling game titles are coming in next few months.

LINE Dragonica gameplay

LINE Dragonica Mobile is an action based role-playing (ARPG) mobile game with left/right navigation based on the popular PC online game, Dragonica Online. Dragonica Online (Dragon Saga) is a successful online game title in 39 countries and had more than 18 million registered users.

LINE Dragonica Mobile
LINE Dragonica Mobile

Developed by Studio Funnigloo, Dragon Saga – Prelude (or Dragonica Mobile version) was launched in April 2014. It has similar game modes and combat system as the PC version, and all original beautiful graphic and features are successfully transferred into mobile version.

LINE Dragonica Mobile has 6 playable classes: Knight, Gladiator, Wizard, Warlock, Thief, Assassin. Players can take part in Daily mission, Story line,  Quests, PvP, Avatar Costume and others.

The mobile game will be available in 6 Southeast Asia countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines.

LINE Dragonica Mobile download available on both iOS AppStore and Google Play Store on 10th June 2015. Register now to receive free special items.

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