Another Wave Of Gmail Invitations

Google has started another Gmail invitation. Many(all?) current Gmail users realised that they are able to make Gmail invitations now, included me. ;)

Invite a friend to join Gmail!

Thanks for using Gmail and helping us improve the service. We’re ready to expand our test to a few more users, and because you’ve been a trusted early tester of Gmail, we’re looking for your help. Please invite a few more people who you think would like Gmail and could help us make it even better.

That starts another wave of Gmail invitations giveaway. As far as I know, [url=]Huai Bin[/url] and [url=]Sashi[/url] have Gmail invite giveaway.

Okay, I have three Gmail invitations left. I have not think about giving them to who… perhaps give to each of my ex girlfriends(three of them)? :lol:

Just in case, I changed my mind… If you desire for a Gmail account very much, please write a comment(with your valid email address) and tell me the reasons you want it. Please do not send an email to request Gmail.

I am curious about why so many people want Gmail so much. Personally, I want a Gmail just for testing(it is in beta testing, afterall :P ) and a failed…).

What make you want a Gmail?

  • 1GB space
  • Email address with desire name
  • It is Google!

If you have other reasons, feel free to tell me in comment. It MAY earn you a Gmail account. :)

Some facts about Gmail

  • It does not support POP3 access. You cannot download emails for offline viewing.
  • Minimum username length limit. You cannot have a very short email address(example:
  • Its spam email filter is… sucks. Considered Gmail still in beta phrase, hopefully this will improved in final version.
  • It has less advertisement than other popular webmail.
  • Its user interface is fast!

It would interesting if we draw out a graph by using Gmail invitation links(something like Frienster). ;)

*Thank you to Squall for sending me a Gmail invitation. :)

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28 thoughts on “Another Wave Of Gmail Invitations”

  1. Entering a small crowd of techies indulging in the current “in” thing is a pleasure
    indescribeable. Staying in front of the line is always superb ;) !

  2. i want want want want want want want want want it sooo badly :( :sad: at least my email won’t be soooo full all the time. there are soo many emails from the past that i like keeping and i had to delete some of them away and it was a painful thing…. how is it there are so many people who gets invites anyway. :P jealous.. sniff sniff

  3. :mrgreen:
    my purpose for G-Mail is to migrate my mum out of the dreaded Hotmail. she uses hotmail to keep in touch with relatives around the world. somtimes, she could not log on for months long and hotmail just de-activate her account. Since G-Mail is out, I would like to get her migrated there, instead of yahoo & others…

  4. I’d really like to have a gmail account. Some others are really making people work for it. People have to say what good they would do with it. I think if I had a gmail account I would give out invites only to people who want to give their invites to people who do a good deed, which means I’m sort of doing a good deed….sure would like to have gmail…actually, the real reason is I just want to be able to register my name before my brother does, the little bugger already took Hotmail.

  5. Well, then, come over to my blog and answer the very, very, very simple questions. A Gmail invite is up for grabs..:wink: [see link above in LcF’s post] so far only 3 respondents, so still got plenty of chance! mari mari!

  6. I don’t need a Gmail account, I don’t even use mine, since my VPS has more bandwidth. I would like one though. ;)
    Because I think it’s fun to swap it for interesting things like personal recorded messages, personalized photos etc.
    Anyone who’s interested in fuelling my swap hobby can feel free to send me a Gmail invite. :)
    Ask me for a fake email first though, coz invites shouldn’t be sent to the same address twice. Or just make one up yourself eg
    It’ll get to me via catch-all.
    Fuel my Gmail swap addiction!

  7. Hm. The main reasons I am deciding to test it out, would be the reason(s) most others are, too. Plain curiosity. I can’t even say I would be using it as my exclusive email, but I’d like to see what GMail has to offer, instead of just passing it off. The large inbox space doesn’t really win me over, since I never use more than 1mb or so. (I have a very small inbox, which rarely recieves mail). An invite would be nice, but I am not necessarily desperate for one like so many others appear to be.

  8. Gmail invite justified for:
    * 1GB space
    * Email address with desire name
    * It is Google!
    * Spam collector
    * accumlator
    * searching
    * sorting, mixing, etc.

  9. hello guyzzz, names tina. i oh so desperately need a GMail account. im modeling some of my pics to some agencies and id love to have the space to send them my pics. if any of u cute guys out there can hook a blue-eyed blonde up, u will be rewarded ;)…a pic of myself maybe hehe
    thx luv ya


  10. Hey all of u don’t crave for a gmail account. No one is going to send u an invite (except for a few lucky ppl). I would like to ask how many have actually been sent invites after writing here. Rather, wait for beta testing phase to be over & then use the improved service. By the way Yahoo now has upgraded all accounts to 100MB. That should suffice our thirst for some time (yeah 4 mb to 100 mb).

    And those with a curious mind, and with a knack of bending the obvious, can u not think of a way to fake gmail into giving u an account (making em think ur an invitee). I think there can be a way. hmm… what do u think?:wink:

  11. i want one bcoz.. i’ve heard dozens of good comments:grin: about gmail and i really want to check it out.. and not forgetting the 1gb :shock: storage space! the web- based emails now takes so long to load:mad:.. i really really want one.. please.. pretty please:?::?::?:

  12. i agree with david that gmail is only an email account. why all the fuss over it. i guess it is because it is new… everybody wants something new, and everybody wants to have it sort of ala ‘kiasu’ reason? (and new sound good… wait till it become as ‘old’ as yahoo or hotmail, you will complain about this and that).

    like mike, i sign up for gmail out of curiousity… that’s all (ok maybe kiasu too) BUT i never use the account. i aleady have jaring,, hotmail, yahoo, flashmail.

  13. Why do I want a Gmail account? That’s like asking why I breathe, why I eat, or why I wake up every morning. I just do. Plus, it’s still in BETA testing, which makes it very selective. I’ve never BETA-ed anything before. It’s a new experience, one you can say yes to on those annoying forwarded tests; ie, “HAVE YOU EVER- gotten drunk? run a marathon? Beta tested something?” The gmail is also the wave of the future, something you can be proud of. If I ever get one, it’d be kinda nice to say, (amidst others’ pleas for Gmail), “Gmail? Oh yeah.. I got MY account 2 months ago.” :smile:

  14. I like to have a gmail coz’ of curiosity. I’m curious about the ability of google, is it the same with yahoo or hotmail or maybe even better. You’ve heard all the possible reason a person could give. I want to be “IN” just like everybody, to store all the Pix no offense most of them adult kind of pix, to feel important and above all i’m curious with all the fuzz about gmail.:!::!::?::?:

  15. The reason I would like a gmail is because i really need the space.

    and also to feel triumphant over the others who are begging and willing to pay 100 dollars(:shock:) to get one.

  16. :?:Well its something similar to what you said, i am curious to know whether it is :roll: actually as big as its IPO or Search engine… :oops: I dont know, if you think you can invite me to be a member, it’ll be awesome

  17. I really want G mail. The only reason is this. I am a foreign student studying in US. My mom is back in Burma. She is not really good at writing in English. so what she does is she writes mails in our mother tongue(burmese) and scan those pages, attach them to email and send them to me. those attached files are really really big since her letters are long most of the time. I have to save those mails in CDs. But with G mail, I don’t have to buy extra CDs to save. that’s the SOLE reason i want the G mail so much. thank you very much for reading my comment. I do hope I will get one.

  18. I am just wondering whether it’s possible that you give me an invitation to be a
    user of Gmail? Thanks for your blog. Best wishes.

  19. Note:
    Please do NOT leave any comment to request for Gmail invitation. I do not have Gmail invitation left. I WILL post a New entry _IF_ I got new Gmail invitations.

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