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Currently I am using Maxis 3G broadband basic package (download 384kbps), every month RM68. As you can see, I have written a lot of lousy services I encountered before in my blog. I always look for alternative Internet Service Provider.

Why I did not use Streamyx previously?

Long time ago, my parent has changed the rental fixed line to home prepaid fixed line to cut off the monthly rental fees of RM26. With home prepaid fixed line, simply top up RM50 which may valid for 3 month, and extended 3 month with no outgoing call, calling rate will be slightly higher then normal rental fix line, just like our prepaid mobile phone.

I checked with Kedai Telekom, Streamyx for home prepaid fixed line need to pay additional RM10 per month. Meaning, if a Streamyx Basic Package was RM77 + RM10 = RM87. After the calculation, including prepaid top up, seems like not worth the money. Kedai Telekom does not allow me to switch back to rental fixed line. That is the reason I did not use Streamyx previously.

Streamyx Combo

Recently, Streamyx have one promotion called Streamyx Combo. With the package, I can enjoy a cheaper rate compare to my current Maxis boardband service. The basic package is RM60 (download 384kbps) which comes with a free fixed line (no rental fees) and ADSL modem.

Streamyx Combo

If you are currently using any Streamyx package, you may also change your package to this Streamyx Combo package to save a few bucks.

Example: Your current package is “Streamyx 512kbps” RM77 + RM26 fixed line rental = RM103. Streamyx Combo 2 with the same speed is only RM90, you saved RM13.

What’s the catch?

I have checked with the customer service and found that for current Streamyx subscriber to switch to the Streamyx Combo promotion, an activation fee of RM75 is required (TM is blood sucker…). This is the hidden fee which did not mentioned in the FAQ section. Anyway, you will still save up some money for a long term.

Besides, the so-called Free ADSL modem is actually “rental”. Once you have terminated the Streamyx Combo package, the modem needs to be returned to TMNET. Unlike the old normal RM77 Streamyx package, the modem is belong to you after a minimum subscription period.

For more information, you may visit for further detail, package and promotion.

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31 thoughts on “TMNet Streamyx Combo”

  1. suitable for new subscriber.

    the 384kbps package normally are RM45, plus the RM26 rental will be RM70.

    with this package, you only need to pay RM60

    just nice for new subscriber :)

  2. I had applied an upgrade from my existing 1M package(RM88+RM26+TAX=RM115++) to Streamyx 2M combo(RM140) and now I’m using the new service.
    From my testing on,I can reach around 1700Kbps++,but somebody told me the 2M package should reach 2500kbps++.So I think I need to complain for the issue later after I’m back from Thailand trip.
    BTW,there is no technician visiting my side for configuration ans no body told me of those extra charges.

  3. If we make comparison between streamyx and taiwan’s ISP, streamyx most probably blacklisted, but we have no choice to use it.

    By the way, their speed improved but the service is still not as good as others. I hope they would take consideration to improve their service quality.

  4. mine is 77 + phone basic…adds up to 107….their 1MB package is RM110…simple dumb marketing…still need to pay rm3 for no phone line

  5. Same here Marco, :)
    I don’t know why I never had any interest with Streamyx… but most probably because of the fact NO Streamyx without 12/24 -month contract.

    A little bit history… on 2005 they offered me the RM20 package, then they later (on 2006) promoted their RM66 package, then last year the RM77, and early this year, the RM45 (Narrowband Migration), and now I believe somebody’s gonna call me for this Combo.

    But looks cool eh? RM34 for 384Kbps, RM28 for FREE calls to fixed line nationwide, plus 25sen/min for other calls like to Celcom/DiGi/Maxis – but don’t know internationally lah.

    Should I sign-up? I don’t know.

  6. Streamyx… TM…. Same old story. Subscribed on Feb 2008 for Streamys in a box. Self installation. At the beginning everything was good. Second week problems start arrising. Numerous call/complains and till now not rectify. they want me to call their technician! Even the problem is at their side.

  7. Can someone tell me whether the TM home prepaid user can be subscrib to Streamyx Combo package without voice plan as i maintain my TM Home Prepaid line as for calling charge on it? I’m currently using Maxis broadband service (RM68 / month) in which doesn’t allow peer to peer download service and thinking of switching to Streamyx Combo. Please give ur comment. Thanks!

  8. Hi everyone. I think the combo deal is not meant for existing users. It seems to benefit new applicants more. You can view the comparison table at Blog. Remember, it comes with a modem. So the normal price for 1Mbps is RM99/month not RM88/month.

  9. Since tmnet launch 4 MB lines. my current 1 mb line having serious connection problem. can’t view most of the international site. i think they using existing user’s resource and inflastructure for new package….damn tmnut only care for rich people….

  10. I just got that RM60 combo (384kbps package) run on my pc. The speed is good. The download speed is always in the range of 50kb/s. Streamyx official called me in the afternoon yesterday (On Sunday!) and asked me about the speed. I asked them why I only got 50kb/s while the package i signed up is 384kbps? After he clarified to me, then I realised that 384kbps shall mean 384 kilo bits per second, not 384 kilobytes per second. Looking thing like this, 50kb/s actually means 500kbps and it is above 384kbps. Not bad.

    I think a lot of streamyx users, including myself, confused with the terminology used and thus blamed streamyx for the ‘slow’ spped.

  11. Bear uses Maxis “Broadband”. Problem is Jaring’s dial up can download 12MB data/hr, Maxis can only do 1MB in 2hr. Youtube does not work now. Ymsg v slow, disconnect frequently. Call Maxis customer service between 8pm-12pm cannot get, but call at 5am, can get. So the lines must be busy with alot of calls to their centers or lack of man power to handle the calls. At 5am, the consultant say mine is connected. Problem is at 5am my modem and computer was off. Bear think got security issue on maxis network too.

    Bear think MCMC should give more operator in the telco industry and totally liberalized the market to allow for more ISP, so they can compete to setup infra, offer services to the point of saturation. We want it cheap, we want it fast, we want it unlimited, we want it ubiquitous, everywhere and anywhere.

    It is not beneficial to the consumer, by limiting the number of players in the area. Limiting ISP vendor and the whole chain is only benefiting a few vested business interest (Crony?). Bear no happy about it.

    Will watch for ymax.

  12. Maxis broadband packet lost is up to 100%. average at 75%. That explains why the line is slow and always disconnected. v bad.

    Service consultant not reachable.

  13. just to clarify: i have just subscribed to streamyx combo. the modem is free, no need to return back if we cancel the subscription after minimum subscription period is passed.

    but anyway, the modem looks so amateurishly plastic.

  14. to Allan,

    you are right that the speed is 384kbps, but the same applies to your modem, you are seeing 50kbps, so it is much slower than 384kbps. indeed you are confused with bits and bytes, 1B = 8b, and you are seeing kbps, not kBps. go screw the streamyx official for confusing you.

  15. thlai & sally,

    Yes. if 1kB=8bits, then 50KB x 8 bit = 400kbps! (thanks thlai for pointing out 1KB=8bits, I thought it’s 10bits) As my download speed is always in the range between 45KB/s~50KB/s, I think the speed is quite fair as the package I signed up is only 384kbps.

    I never face any connection problem, tt’s really smooth. My area is using optic fibre lines, somewherw near IOI Puchong.

  16. VERY fair indeed alLan (sorry for the typo). :) Apalagi if you use a Web accelerator.

    My phone cabling is fibre optic too, and my kampung is around 7KM from Streamyx….. I don’t know the right name – server? headquarter? :D

  17. Hi,i’m from Klang. i have just subscribed to streamyx combo package 512 kbps = RM90/mth on 5 Apr 08 (Sat) but until today 18 Apr 08 (Fri), i still can’t connet to the server. I call them many time, they said that “Telekom Jumper” got problem, so do i still need to pay them the monthly subscribtion fee even i can’t used the service?

  18. for this package the phone line is no funtion for call in and call out
    if u want use the phone then need add rm28 per mth and unlimit call to local phone. call to hp will extra chgs.and 1st bill is have stamp duty for rm10 also

  19. ‘Existing Streamyx customers who want to upgrade have to cancel their current Internet account and subscribe the new Combo deal. Unfortunately, they will be required to pay all the activation fees, just like a new subscriber.

    Streamyx activation fee = RM75’ —-> From Blog

    Damn..i didnt know existing users have to be charged for ungrading to Combo package!! Im using RM88 + RM 26 rental = RM114 upgraded to RM110 package. Now need to pay RM110+RM75 =RM185 for my nxt bill??? Shit!! Can i cancel it?? I just went to upgrade…

  20. I was looking at izzi plan and I think they made a fatal mistake in their marketing strategy by asking customers to pay a lot of $$$ upfront and tie them down to 12 mths etc.

    With other broadband service in my area, eg BizSurf, Airzed etc I only have to pay on a monthly basis and cancel as and when I like.


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