How To Get Indexed by Google in 1 Day

You have a new website and you want it to be popular as soon as possible. So, your website need to be found by people. How? Your website needs to be indexed by search engines, especially Google.

Michael Jensen shared his experience to get a new website indexed by Google in 1 Day, without spending any cent on AdWords. Here are the steps:

  1. Create 5 pages of content.
  2. Use a simple template with site-wide links. Linked from a relevant site that you owned.
  3. Tagged the new site on social bookmarking sites.
  4. Commented in forum, put the URL in a specific niche web directory, and submit to Digg.
  5. Install Google Analytics
  6. Create and submit sitemap to Google Webmaster Central. Ping Google, and put the sitemap URL in “robots.txt”.

Michael checked his new site exactly 24 hours later and it has been indexed!

Tips: For WordPress users, you can use the Google XML Sitemap plugin for the jobs in Step #6

“SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible”

My two cents

According to my previous experience, a high PageRank link to the new site is enough to get the site be indexed on the next day. The other steps are helpful to get more pages indexed.

So, have you got what’s important to get your site be indexed?

  1. Content
  2. Links
  3. Social bookmarking sites, Forum, Web Directory
  4. Sitemap, Ping

Many beginners know the first two – content and links – are important to get indexed and good ranking.

The latter two are always missed or not known. Social websites are very helpful to spread the word out. Sitemap helps search engine spiders to read your site. Pinging send a message of “Hey! My site is updated! Come visit my site!”.

If you haven’t started doing so, do it now. You will probably be surprised by the result on the next day! ;)

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33 thoughts on “How To Get Indexed by Google in 1 Day”

  1. Nicely written. What I do when I always get a new site and to get indexed by Google is do a wide-search engine submission with those free submission sites, submit it to digg, link it in forum signatures, submit the google maps XML, and those pretty things.

  2. There is no need to build a five page website, one page will do provided it has keyword specif title, meta tags for keywords and description together with good content providing information on keywords.

    Then you submit it to Google via

    Finally do a blog post to a high traffic blog or forum.

    I have had my website listed and indexed in a matter of hours.

    Having a site indexed is the easy part, what is more important is getting onto the first few pages of Google, in order to accomplish this you need to start building relevent keyword specific backlinks. and also updating site on a regular basis. The method I use is to have an RSS blog feed included on my website.

  3. What Liew posted was about how to get websites listed within 24 hours.

    Submissions to directories are no doubt helpful but it is a slow process.

    I didn’t submit my new websites to any directories but all my websites are indexed within 72 hours by using the method described.

  4. I don’t know about websites but you can get blogs indexed on Google in 30 minutes!

    Just ping Google Blog Search or any other sites that accept XML-RPC pings and you can have it indexed in a jiffy.

    BTW, congratulations on your 3k post, Liew. Well done! :-)

  5. I manage to get my post indexed by Google in 1day, but sometimes it disappear at the next day. Can anyone tell me why?

  6. Liew,

    Thanks for this useful tips to get indexed fast by google. I think this only applied for blog and not the static website?

  7. Hi Liew,

    Sook Chin here. I am a friend of Say Leng ( ever since we were still back in Northern Malaysia. Together we work on our new project aiming to improve the lives of the online community.

    We would like to say a BIG Thank You for you advice on getting indexed on Google in 1 day.

    We Did it! Within 24 hours, is not only indexed in Google, Yahoo as well.

    Looking forward to enjoying more posts from you.

  8. Although I have a website with Google for 1 year they still have only indexed around 1,000 pages (2,000 more pages to go), so no, I would say google do not index all your pages in one go, rather they index a few at a time…

  9. I’m not sure if it’s that easy. I have been struggling to get the web site of my startup to be indexed by google. I was lucky enough to choose a name that only generated two hits, so I don’t really need the SEO thing (that I don’t think is useful for the community anyway). I have a few web sites that are indexed by google. I just realized that my personal web site is the first result for the search on my nickname. I also have a small open source application on sourceforge that has been out for about 5-6 years and which is also highly ranked for relevant searches. Based on that I thought that adding two or three simple links pointing to my new site and naming the links like the cokpany would do the job. Now I ended up about 10 results for my company name, all listing pages that refer to my site, however my site is still not in :).

    I can understand google not including every stupid web page (even if it’s mine), but it shows that having just a few links is not enough.

  10. That’s some great tips, I’ve just started my own blog for mix-set collectors and have applied what you said, just going to have to wait to see the results.


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