At Last, Malaysia iPhone 4 is Here On September 24th!

maxis iphone 4 launch event

MALAYSIA: The rumor has been confirmed. Malaysia telcos, both Maxis and DiGi, to launch Apple iPhone 4 on 24th September 2010.

Maxis iPhone 4 launch event

Maxis has already announced the iPhone 4 launch events and iPhone 4 plans on its website.

The pre-launch event starts at 23rd’s night. Then, it is the midnight launch event at 12am(OMG!). The day launch event is at 24th & 25th. All launch events held at The Gardens Hotel & Residences, Mid Valley City.

I wonder how many Apple fans will be there, in the midnight, for iPhone 4. I have been invited as media to the midnight launch event but I cannot make it.

Too bad, there’s “Maxis iPhone 4 Media Offer”(read: discount!) for the media who attends the event.

How about DiGi iPhone 4?

While DiGi still keep their iPhone 4 plans as a secret, they published an interesting photo on Facebook fan page to hint the iPhone 4 launch date.

digi iPhone 4 kambing

What do you think this means? For me, it is “Apple iPhone 4 shipping on 24 September 2010 from DiGi”.

However, on DiGi iPhone 4 website, there is no information about launch date nor DiGi iPhone 4 plans. Perhaps they want to drop a “bomb” (read: very good deal) during Maxis iPhone 4 launch?

Buying advice

I would suggest you wait for both telcos to reveal their iPhone 4 plans and compare them to pick the best for yourself.

Don’t rush to be the 1st iPhone 4 owner in Malaysia. (Well, there are already MANY Malaysians using iPhone 4 now. :P )

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