My DREAM Apple Tablet

Apple Tablet
(image from Gizmodo)

Few hours to go before the Apple’s “Latest Creation” event which we are expecting Apple will announce the Apple Tablet (iSlate, iPad.. iDonno).

Despite the rumors in the past years regarding the Apple Tablet, I do really wish it includes the following features:

  • Long battery life — Please, if it is gonna be portable, it should have a long lasting battery. Give me 6 hours of web surfing battery power!
  • Terabytes storage — not really, but I wish Apple Tablet has few hundred GB storage to store media files (music, moviessss, photos, etc).
  • USB port(s) — I would like to be able plugging any USB devices to the Apple Tablet, say a keyboard, a flash drives, external DVD burner, etc.
  • Memory card slot — My little wishful thinking. A memory card slot in Apple Tablet which allows me to read/backup memory cards on-the-go.
  • Adobe Flash Player — For your information, no Adobe Flash Player on Apple iPhone OS. I wish Apple Tablet supports Adobe Flash player natively and no more “This content requires the Adobe Flash Player” message when I am browsing websites.
  • USD$730 (~MYR$2500) — Needs I say more? The cheaper the better it is but MYR$2500 would be nice.

OK. These are my wishful, fantasy.. feature list. IF, Apple Tablet (whatever it’s name) got the features, I will be the 1st to buy it! Muahahaha…

What’s your dream tablet computer?

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