Free Ebook: Chitika + AdSense Ad Placement Guide

Chitika has created a ebook available for FREE download, titled “Chitika & AdSense: Ad Placement Guide [PDF]“.

Chitika + AdSense: Ad Placement Guide

What is Chitika Premium ads?

Chitika Premium ads is non-contextual ads which only appear to a visitor that visit your website FROM a search engine. The visitor’s search query will be highlighted in Chitika Premium ads and relevant ads will be shown.

What’s in the free Chitika Premium ebook?

In the free ebook, you get the examples of good placement of Chitika Premium along with Google AdSense ads (Yes, you are allowed to put them together on one page!).

You will also learn the importance of customizing your ad links to your website links, and how to do that on Chitika Premium ads.

Click here to download the free ebook.

My two cents

“Chitika & AdSense: Ad Placement Guide” is a simple and easy ebook. The most important thing in the ebook is the example of Chitika Premium + AdSense implementation.

I have been inspired by the examples and you should too!

You need to be a Chitika publisher to start making money with it. Click here to register now, it’s FREE!

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