At Last, Malaysians Can Top Up PayPal Using Bank Account (RHB)

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Ever since Malaysians are able to withdraw PayPal money to local bank account, many people are wondering how to top-up PayPal account?

It was not possible until RHB Banking Group announced their new Internet banking service called “RHB-PayPal“, which allows Malaysians to top-up their PayPal account instantly via saving/current account.

RHB-PayPal is a FREE service for all RHB customers. No additional charge. It is also announced on PayPal Blog.

RHB also revealed the WorldMart where you can find the online shops that accept PayPal payments. WorldMart is a sub-site of PayPal Plaza.

What do you need to know about RHB-PayPal top up service

RHB-PayPal top-up screenshot

This is a RHB customer only service. It is a free service. To access, Login to RHB Internet Banking > Prepaid Services > Top Up PayPal Account.

You can top-up PayPal funds in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and US Dollars (USD). However, top up in RM can ONLY transfer to a Malaysian registered PayPal account ONLY. The daily transaction limit is RM3000.

The transfer made in foreign currency (non-MYR) will use a currency exchange rate higher than the Bank’s applicable rate (PayPal’s exchange rate?).

You can top-up any PayPal account. Make sure you enter the correct PayPal email address because you CANNOT cancel the transfer and get a refund.

I am not a RHB customer. How do I top-up PayPal account?

I am PayPal user for years (since PayPal accepts Malaysians) and made many PayPal payments but I never top-up PayPal account.

As long as you have added and verified a credit/debit card to your PayPal account, you can shop using PayPal. The money will be debited from your card.

If you have any PayPal questions, please add in comment or contact me.

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13 thoughts on “At Last, Malaysians Can Top Up PayPal Using Bank Account (RHB)”

  1. What a joke.

    RHB wants to project itself as the leading, high tech, internet savvy Malaysian bank.

    But they can’t even take care of the basic stuff. Do you know that you opening an account with this bank is ridiculously difficult?

    First, you can only open an account that is in the same city as in your IC. For example, your IC says your address in in KL, but you’ve moved to Kuantan and try to open an account in Kuantan– they’d reject your application. You must go back to KL to open an account ( or get a new IC with your new address).

    Then, they’ll ask for astronomical starting deposit and other documentations like your water or electrical bills.

    Come on, don’t they realize that the world has changed? That people no longer cling to their job for years. That people nowadays move around a lot?

    Going for a nice to have feature like this is nothing when simple stuff like opening an account is a pain in the arse.

    It’s like riding a high tech bus with 67 inch plasma tv in the coach but the inside is as crammed as an Indian train, where you share your seat with a goat and a chicken.

    Take care of the basics la RHB.

    • maybe this is bank negara’s policy to prevent money laundering. If you work in KL or own a house/condo in KL, just show them your elec bill.

      I had the same problem with public bank and all i need to do is show them that i am now working in KL by giving them a photocopy of my elec bill. no problem. not RHB’s fault.

  2. Hi Liew, just for your information “RHB-PayPal” is not a service, “TopUp” is the new service. If you have further questions you can always drop me a line. Thank you for your Blog

  3. Dear Friends
    I’m Ambank customer in Malaysia. A year ago I was able to transfer money from my debit card to my paypal to purchase something. but now paypal does not allow me to topup with my registered master card, may anyone tell me what’s wrong?

  4. Hi, I top up my paypal acc..thru thrid party bank (not RHB) maybank,
    but thn when the transaction is made. The balance of my paypal acc dont show it.

    May I know normally how long it takes to update the balance? (I thought is instant)

    2nd. To whom should I complain to? Maybank or RHB? bcoz is pay from maybank and RHB is the payee..

    Please reply me asap..

    thanks =)


    • Hi Xin,
      Have you solved you problem. I also have the same problem. I filed a complaint to RHB but no response yet.  

          • Me too.. its about 800 bucks.. I filed a report to Paypal and RHB.. Both said they dont know where the money goes???? what the f**k! Still under investigate and over 2months now.. Paypal gave me 20us for this problem.. but no action from RHB site.. how come? I need my money back to pay my credit card.. 

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