After PIKOM PC Fair 2006

Yo! I went to PC Fair on Aug 13, 2006. This is a quick update without pictures and links. I bought two packs of print ink cartridges(18 of them), and a MP3 player, but I postponed my purchases of a DVD writer.

The MP3 player I bought on behalf of my elder brother was at RM208. It is a 1GB MP3 player with video playback. It comes with a free 128MB USB flash disk. A good deal in my opinion. There is another MP3 model looks like Apple iPod with speaker cost RM218, also come with free 128MB USB flash disk. The cheapest USB flash disk I saw in PC Fair 2006 is RM69 for 1GB.

I did not buy my DVD writer for myself because I couldn’t find any external DVD writer with Firewire(IEE1394) port (for Apple iBook) and nobody was selling internal DVD writer + enclosure package. I will try to get from Low Yat plaza.

Anyway, my friend bought his LG external DVD writer for RM270. The cheapest price at PC Fair. Others are selling at RM288. Some gave free 10 pieces of DVD+R disks for each purchase. The LG external DVD writer cann burn a single layer DVD+R in around 5 minutes. Not bad, huh?

The best Canon Powershot A700 deal I found in the PC Fair is RM1199, with a free 1GB memory card, tripod, and screen protector. All the dealers are selling Canon camera at the standard retail price. Only thing different were the free gifts. I’ll try my luck later at Berjaya Times Square for the same deal but at a lower price.

That’s all for now.

What did you bought at PC Fair? Share with us the good deals you got. :)

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