Free McDonald’s Spicy Beef Foldover

I received a call from McDonald’s(McD) this afternoon saying that they wanted to send me a Spicy Beef Foldover for FREE. Awhile later, two McD representatives(Kluang) came to my house and handed a beef foldover, coke, and a McD Privilege Card to me.

McDonald's Spicy Beef Foldover + Coke + McD Privilege Card
McDonald’s Spicy Beef Foldover + Coke + McD Privilege Card

The representatives apologized for my previous unpleasant experience with the McD Spicy Beef Foldover.

My second McD Beef Foldover

I was unhappy about the beef filling. Let’s see the filling of this free beef foldover.

McD Beef Foldover filling
McD Beef Foldover filling (Click to enlarge)

Okay, this is much better than my first beef foldover. :)

Although it still can’t beat the foldover shown in the advertisement, I would order a beef foldover with similar amount of beef inside. Now I understand why beef foldover is the favorite of some people.

Besides foldover, I also got a McD Privilege Card to enjoy 10% discount at any McD branch.

My two cents

This is similar to my previous BCB case, I do not hold against McD and I am not a picky customer. I just want to let the company know about the voices of their customers, so that they can improve their services. I am glad that McD treat customers’ responses seriously. Cheers!

PS: I am wondering how did McD know my phone number and home address… :roll:
PS2: My mother was shocked. :P

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21 thoughts on “Free McDonald’s Spicy Beef Foldover”

  1. Whoaaa hahaha. Gud for u Liew!

    I will try it again if its not that spicy. I like it hot but not as hot. Even I can bare the nandos ‘peri-peri hot’. Haha. Oh well.

  2. Damn! I want to complain too! :D Good for you LCF. I have seen recent companies really use this personal kind of way to improve their customers’ satisfaction. Google recently sent all the gifts to those who complaint about Adwords too.

  3. “I am wondering how did McD know my phone number and home address…”

    Aren’t you supposed to be a local celebrity or something? EVERYBODY knows you, Liew :) Btw, nice catch!

  4. I think probably you can make second visit to the branch and purchase McD Beef Foldover again. And then find out the one you have purchased the meat as much as what they have delivered to you today.

  5. @uncleJim: I do not reveal private information such as phone number and address on net.
    @wingz: have you email McD?
    @chewfong: yes, I agree.

  6. “I am wondering how did McD know my phone number and home address…” smart people at MCD do Whois?

  7. McD can get your phone no & address just shows that these Fast Food outlets are very serious about PR & customer services.
    Unlike some local BIG companies like TMnet etc where they donot treat our complaint seriously or improve their services. Instead of their shortcoming, eg. TMNet even blame us for abusing the bandwidth for online downloading. Isn’t that what they advertised: Provide customers 1mB downloading services?
    Anyway, I strongly support our Fast Food Outlets like McD & KFC.

  8. Big corporation is always like that..they will take seriously on any complaint..
    My boss is a die-hard fan of Milo..she used to complaint milo on the quality of the milo products…

    normally, milo will compensate her in term of money or products. for example, she complaint about the small box milo conditions that she bought from a stall, she wrote to milo & 1 week after that, she received RM5 note through mail. :)

  9. very spicy? wow! i would have love it as i enjoy spicy food.

    liew, you are famous, so they know you lah. like kenny sia, he once complained about something, and that company sent him some gifts. people like me not famous, complained until roof collapse, also got nothing. :)


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