Malaysia iPhone 4: What are Missing?

Malaysia iPhone 4 has been launched by Maxis and DiGi on 24th September 2010. While we are jumping up and down to celebrate the arrival of iPhone 4, there are few things about iPhone 4 we don’t get in Malaysia.

NO free iPhone 4 casing

free iPhone 4 case program

Apple promised to give free iPhone 4 casing to everyone who purchased iPhone 4 before 30th September 2010. However, neither Maxis nor DiGi ever mentioned about the iPhone 4 Case Program.

According to a blogger who attended the Maxis iPhone 4 launch has confirmed that no free iPhone casing/bumper from Maxis.

I had then asked about the “free iPhone case” program. Mr. Van Obeke confirmed that the free case will not be offered to customers of Maxis.

Malaysia’s neighbor, Singapore got their iPhone 4 few months earlier and now they are still entitled to get free bumper or casing via the Singapore iPhone 4 Case Program

Unfair? Yes.

NO contract-free iPhone 4

contract-free iPhone 4 in Singapore

Malaysians do not get contract-free iPhone 4. DiGi or Maxis, both require iPhone 4 buyers to sign up for their contracts, minimum of 12 months (Maxis). If you are non-DiGi-non-Maxis user, then you are forced to switch to buy iPhone 4.

Compared to Singapore, they could have contract-free iPhone 4. They can even online order iPhone 4 on Singapore Apple store!

Envy? Yes.

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At Last, Malaysia iPhone 4 is Here On September 24th!

maxis iphone 4 launch event

MALAYSIA: The rumor has been confirmed. Malaysia telcos, both Maxis and DiGi, to launch Apple iPhone 4 on 24th September 2010.

Maxis iPhone 4 launch event

Maxis has already announced the iPhone 4 launch events and iPhone 4 plans on its website.

The pre-launch event starts at 23rd’s night. Then, it is the midnight launch event at 12am(OMG!). The day launch event is at 24th & 25th. All launch events held at The Gardens Hotel & Residences, Mid Valley City.

I wonder how many Apple fans will be there, in the midnight, for iPhone 4. I have been invited as media to the midnight launch event but I cannot make it.

Too bad, there’s “Maxis iPhone 4 Media Offer”(read: discount!) for the media who attends the event.

How about DiGi iPhone 4?

While DiGi still keep their iPhone 4 plans as a secret, they published an interesting photo on Facebook fan page to hint the iPhone 4 launch date.

digi iPhone 4 kambing

What do you think this means? For me, it is “Apple iPhone 4 shipping on 24 September 2010 from DiGi”.

However, on DiGi iPhone 4 website, there is no information about launch date nor DiGi iPhone 4 plans. Perhaps they want to drop a “bomb” (read: very good deal) during Maxis iPhone 4 launch?

Buying advice

I would suggest you wait for both telcos to reveal their iPhone 4 plans and compare them to pick the best for yourself.

Don’t rush to be the 1st iPhone 4 owner in Malaysia. (Well, there are already MANY Malaysians using iPhone 4 now. :P )

Maxis and DiGi to Offer Apple iPhone 4 in Malaysia

Malaysia: Apple iPhone 4 is coming soon in Malaysia and offered by Maxis and DiGi. Both telcos put up their iPhone 4 register of interest page at July 20, 2010. iPhone 4 price in Malaysia to be available.

DiGi iPhone 4 register of interest page
DiGi iPhone 4 register of interest page

Maxis iPhone 4 register of interest page
Maxis iPhone 4 register of interest page

DiGi made a step ahead Maxis to first announce the iPhone 4 register of interest page. Maxis iPhone 4 register of interest page is online after a couple hours, in the same afternoon.

Maxis page asks for a lot more information, such as the iPhone 4 model you are interested in, contact information, as well as IC/Passport number. All fields are mandatory. On DiGi page, all it takes is only your email address.

Both telcos have not revealed iPhone 4 price and release date.

Interestingly, DiGi does NOT promote iPhone 4 on DiGi homepage, while Maxis highlight the iPhone 4 register of interest banner at the center of Maxis homepage.

Besides iPhone 4 release date and pricing, a new question is “Will Malaysians get free iPhone 4 case, as promised by Steve Jobs?” :)

Please note that “register of interest” only notify you when iPhone 4 is available. It is not “pre-order” that allow you to reserve iPhone 4.