P1 Updated WiMAX Wireless Broadband Plans. What Have Changed?

P1 promotion banner
P1 promotion banner

Packet One Networks (P1) updated their WiMAX wireless broadband plans in June 2013. There are some changes in terms of pricing and allowed data quota. I checked with its previous plans and here’s my finding.

Compare P1 OnePlan

P1 OnePlan is the plan with both P1 home router modem and P1 on-the-go modem (MiFi). Here are the updated OnePlan packages:

New P1 OnePlan
New P1 OnePlan

Here are the previous OnePlan packages:

Old P1 OnePlan
Old P1 OnePlan

When you compare with previous OnePlan, you will notice that the new OnePlan 109 is more expensive but same data quota with previous OnePlan 99. However OnePlan 129 receives 5GB more data quota per month. OnePlan 169, despite higher monthly price, has lower price per GB.

Previously, you receive free MF230 MiFi modem with OnePlan 99 and add RM100 for MX230 MiFi modem; Both OnePlan 129 and OnePlan 149 receives free MF230 or MX230.

Now, P1 no longer offer free MiFi modem to low OnePlan. OnePlan 109 customer needs to pay RM100 for MF230 or RM150 for MX230. OnePlan 129 get MF230 for free but need to pay RM150 for MX230. High plan, OnePlan 169, still receives free MF230 or MX230.

Compare P1 ForHome Plans

P1 ForHome is the wireless broadband plans with home router modem only (no MiFi modem). Here are the updated ForHome plans:

New P1 ForHome plans
New P1 ForHome plans

Here are the previous ForHome plans:

Previous ForHome Plan
Previous ForHome Plan

The low ForHome 79 plan is more expensive than previous ForHome 69 but share the same 8GB data quota per month. ForHome 99 and ForHome 139 are cheaper for previous mid and high plans, in terms of price per GB.

Compare P1 ToGo Plans

P1 ToGo is designed for mobile users, 4 types of P1 modem available: UT235 USB dongle, UH 235 USB modem, MF230 and MX230 MiFi modem. Here are the updated ToGo plans:

New P1 ToGo plans
New P1 ToGo plans

Here are the previous ToGo plans:

Previous P1 ToGo plans
Previous P1 ToGo plans

The monthly prices and data quotas stay the same. New ToGo 39 plan receives free UT 235 dongle with 6-months contract or free UH 235 USB modem with 12-month contract. But, ToGo 39 24-month contract now need to pay RM100 for MF230 MiFi or RM150 for MX230 MiFi – pay RM50 more each.

ToGo 69 and ToGo 99 now get free MF230 MiFi for 12-month contract or add RM150 for MX230 MiFi.


The low plan for each category (OnePlan, ForHome, ToGo) is more expensive after update. Mid and High plans now get more data quota but also increase in monthly fees, though the “price per GB quota” is cheaper. Make sure you use as much allowed data quota as possible, so that you are not wasting money (higher monthly fee) paying what you are not using (more data quota).

What do you think about the new P1 wireless broadband plans?

Yes Launches World’s First Samsung 4G Chromebook (WiMAX) in Malaysia

Samsung 4G Chromebook by Yes
Samsung 4G Chromebook by Yes
Samsung 4G Chromebook by Yes

Yes 4G launched the world’s first “Samsung 4G Chromebook” with WiMAX chip inside in Malaysia. The Chrome OS laptop price is RM1299 retail or RM988 with a 24-month Yes 4G postpaid plan.

[box type=info]Tip: “Samsung 4G Chromebook” is a Samsung Chromebook support WiMAX wireless broadband. It does not support real 4G LTE.[/box]

What is Samsung 4G Chromebook?

Samsung Chromebook is the “best selling laptop” on Amazon.com with the price USD$249. The 11.6-inch (1366×768) laptop is powered by Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual Core Processor, 2GB and 16GB SSD storage. It does not run Windows but Google Chrome OS, which is designed for web applications. VGA front-facing camera, built-in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2 USB ports (1x USB3.0), HDMI port, support Bluetooth. Battery life last 6.5 hours and weighs only 1.1KG.

Released in October 2012, the original Samsung Chromebook has two models: WiFi only and WiFi + 3G. The 3G model allows you to insert a SIM card for mobile data connectivity. They are only available in 9 countries and not available in Asia.

The “Samsung 4G Chromebook” has the same specs as Samsung Chromebook 3G but, instead of supporting SIM card, it has build-in WiMAX chip to support Yes 4G network with up to 20 Mbps download speed. It is exclusive for Malaysia, Yes 4G has no plan to sell the WiMAX Chromebook in other country (the WiMAX chip won’t work with other WiMAX networks).

Price and Availability

Samsung 4G Chromebook device only price is RM1299. You can buy at RM988 with a 24-month RM88 (RM69 for 1BestariNet Yes ID holders) postpaid plan (3.5GB data quota). It is now available at Yes Stores nationwide and its online store.

Samsung 4G Chromebook product photos

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the Samsung 4G Chromebook product photos.

Video: Samsung 4G Chromebook

The Samsung 4G Chromebook video shows that Chromebook is a laptop for every family members. Some web applications shown in the video are: Google Docs, Angry Birds, Google Spreadsheet, Google Hangout, Google Calendar, Evernote, Yes Life, Twitter, Google Talk.

Samsung 4G Chromebook review

LiewCF is one of the selected bloggers for Samsung 4G Chromebook review. Each blogger get a unit of Samsung 4G Chromebook (for 3 weeks) and a free Yes 4G ID for WiMAX broadband connection. Stay tuned for my review!

Please ask your Samsung 4G Chromebook questions in the comment below.

[Samsung 4G Chromebook by Yes]

4G, LTE, WiMax Explained


Editor’s note: With the future of mobile broadband technology looking even faster and even more confusing, Spencer Hogg from Broadband Expert explains 4G to us.

The mobile broadband service touted as 4G is presently more marketing terminology than an official technology recognized by a standards setting organization. Here are the basics of 4G, LTE, and WiMax explained.

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Back from PIKOM PC Fair 2008 (II) (KLCC)

I am back from PIKOM PC Fair 2008 (II) held in KL. It was so crowded and I almost regretted goingthere… I only completed half of my PC Fair shopping list.

What I got from PC Fair 2008 (II)

These are what I got: Apple iMac 24" 2.8GHz, WD My Book Studio (500GB) external hard drive, SONY DCR-SR65 40GB Handycam Camcorder. I missed the NAS, netbook, and webcam.

P1 W1Max Wimax speed test

P1 W1Max WiMax unitOne of the major attraction about PC Fair 2008 (II) is the P1 W1MAX wimax service. I tried the wimax connection at PC Fair, the Internet speed is quite impressive. Web pages loaded fast, no load waiting for YouTube videos.

The following is the screenshot of speed test result for P1 W1MAX:

P1 W1Max wimax speed test

It shows 2.66Mbps download speed and 536Kbps upload speed for P1 W1MAX wimax connection. That’s much faster than normal Streamyx broadband connection, although the upload speed is capped at 512K.

P1 W1MAX wimax service is not officially launched yet but is expected to launch in August 2008. More details such as subscription plans and prices will be revealed by then.

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PIKOM PC Fair 2008 (II) Dates and Venues

pikom pc fairPIKOM PC Fair 2008 (II) is coming in August 2008. It is the second PC Fair of the year. I missed the first PC Fair of the year in April because I was in Sabah.

Anyway, I am going to PIKOM PC Fair 2008 (II) in KL and shop!

When is PC Fair 2008 (II)?

Here is the dates and venues for PIKOM PC Fair 2008 (II):

  • 1–3 August 2008
  • KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
  • Persada Johor International Convention Centre, Johor Bahru, Johor
  • Central Square, Sungai Petani, Kedah
  • Dewan Sri Mentakab, Mentakab, Pahang
  • 8–10 August 2008
    • Penang International Sports Arena, Penang
    • Mahkota Parade Melaka, Melaka
    • Sabah Trade Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
    • Dewan Tun Hj Mustapha, Lahad Datu, Sabah
  • 14–16 August 2008
    • KB Mall, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
    • Pusat Dagangan Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
    • Star Parade, Alor Star, Kedah
  • 15–17 August 2008
    • Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan, Pahang
  • 12–14 September 2008
    • Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh, Perak

    All PC Fair exhibition start from 11:00am to 9:00pm

    What to expect in PIKOM PC Fair 2008 (II)?

    WiMax from Green Packet/P1 — Green Packet has 8 booths in the PC Fair at KL Convention Centre. They must be heavily promoting their WiMax service in Malaysia — P1 w1max. You might be able to surf with wimax connection there.

    Netbook/Subnotebook — These small size laptops are so hot in 2008! I expect to see netbook from each notebook brands, such as Acer Aspire One, HP 2133 Mini-Note PC, ASUS Eee PC, and, hopefully, MSI Wind PC and Dell E.