Free Shipping of WordPress Olive Green T-Shirts

200807300817.jpgIn June 2008, WordPress Shop revealed the new WordPress Olive Green Tees to replace the nearly run out red wordpress t-shirts.

As a WordPress blogger, I definitely get one for £9.50. Additionally, I have to pay for the shipping (£5.90) + insurance & tracking (£3.50). It is not wise to buy only 1 item per order.

If you would like to order a WordPress Olive Tee too. I have a suggestion to save you a few bucks on shipping cost.

Free shipping of WordPress Olive Tees for Malaysians

Here is the deal. I will order the WordPress Olive Green Tees on your behalf in bulk. Once I received the t-shirts in Malaysia, I will deliver them to your Malaysia address using POS Malaysia’s registered mail.

You only need to pay the t-shirt cost (£9.50) to my PayPal account using the following “Buy Now” button, then tell me either for Men/Ladies, Size, and your Address.


In short, I will bear the fees of: WordPress Shop shipping + insurance + POS Malaysia shipping. Great, right? :)

The WordPress Olive Tees are in very limited stock now. In order to cut the delay, I will close this deal after 3rd 4th August 2008. In case the tees are sold out, you will be refunded.

Why do I offer free shipping?

Well, because I want to save you a few bucks. :)

I don’t mind to pay a few more pounds and do some extra works for you. It is great to meet another WordPress bloggers who are wearing same tee!

Update: Fix PayPal “Buy Now” button. Extended the deal to 4th August 2008.

WordPress 2.6 and New Features

WordPressWordPress 2.6 has been released (download)The new version of WordPress includes some new features and improvements, such as post revisions, posting bookmarklet, theme preview and as well as support of Google Gears.

WordPress did a video tour of WordPress 2.6 to help you understand the new features:

What’s new in WordPress 2.6?

Post revisions — ever miss the editing records of your blog post? WordPress 2.6 now included the wiki-like tracking for blog edits. It allows you to view who made what changes when to any post or page through a super-easy interface.

Blogging bookmarklet — drag the “Press This” bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark bar. Then, whenever you see something interesting to blog about, just click on the bookmarklet. It will load a minimized version of WordPress editor which allows to blog different content: text, photo, quote, and video, instantly. It is very much like the Tumblr and allows you to create a tumbleblog-like mini blog site.

Google Gears — WordPress 2.6 supports Google Gears to preload WordPress javascripts and CSS files to boost the loading speed to a few seconds faster. Supported web browsers are Firefox and Internet Explorer. You need to active Gears for each computer and each browser, their copies are standalone.

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WordPress 2.5 RC2

WordPressWordPress 2.5 RC2 has been released yesterday. It is the prior version of the final WordPress 2.5. Matt, the WordPress founder, recorded a screencast to demo the new features.

The most significant changes of version 2.5 is on the admin panel. The layout has been redesigned and use a lot of AJAX for faster response, and it is cleaner now.

WordPress 2.5 admin dashboard panel

The “Write Post” page has been polished a lot. WordPress 2.5 now use Flash uploader and support galleries. Matt done his gallery page using WordPress 2.5. It looks great!

WordPress 2.5 Flash uploader

Most WordPress themes that work on WordPress 2.3 will work fine on version 2.5, because there are not many changes on the theme core. WordPRess plugin that work with the admin panel may require updates though.

Please keep in mind that WordPress 2.5 RC2 is NOT the final version. It may still contain bugs to be fixed in the final version. However, if you interested to try, you can download RC2 now (backup! backup!).

“WordPress For Dummies”

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

Finally, I have upgraded to WordPress version 2.3.2 from version 2.2.x, after WordPress 2.3 released over 100 days.

It was a smooth upgrade. This time I deleted the WordPress (WP) files before upgrading. Previously, I only replace the WordPress files. The oldest WP file I have was “wp.php”(16 Mac 2006), which is a simplified version of WP index file. ;)

After upgrading WordPress, I need to update the plugins I used. I like the plugin update notification of WP2.3. I updated 3/4 of my plugins.

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