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Toshiba Notebook Line-up 2012

Toshiba notebooks 2012

Toshiba has invited LiewCF Tech Blog to the launch of Toshiba new notebook line-up for the year 2012. The new notebooks range from powerful gaming laptop to budget entry level notebooks.

The following is a glance of the new notebooks, compared by screen size (x-axis) and performance (y-axis):

Toshiba notebooks line-up 2012
Pic: Toshiba notebooks line-up 2012

Toshiba Notebook Line-up 2012

Toshiba Qosmio X870

Toshiba notebooks 2012 7

Qosmio X870 is the Toshiba flagship gaming notebook. It is designed for power gamers and offer great gaming performance, excellent picture quality and vibrant sound experience.

The powerful specs for X870: Intel i7 processor, NVIDIA Geforce GTX670M (3 GB GDDR5 RAM) graphic processor with 3D Vision 2 technology, 16 GB system memory, 750 GB solid sate hybrid drive. 17.3-inch 3D-enabled 1920×080 display, build-in harman kardon stereo speakers.

The gaming laptop is available from June 2012 onwards.

Toshiba Satellite P850

Toshiba notebooks 2012 5

Satellite P850 is the entertainment powerhouses that offer premium video and audio experience.

P850 is also first Toshiba Satellite notebook with glasses-free 3D technology. Meaning, you can watch 3D video on the notebook display, without wearing 3D glasses.

Toshiba Satellite P850 (3D) is powered by Intel i7–3610M processor, 8 GB RAM (expandable to 16 GB), 15.6-inch 1980×1080 display with glasses-free 3D viewing, 1 TB hard disk, harmon/kardon speakers.

P850 is available from June 2012 onwards.

Toshiba M800, L800, C800 series

Toshiba 800 series is the notebooks for your everyday computing needs. It’s available in a wide range of configurations, screen sizes and colors.

Toshiba M800
Pic: Toshiba M840 notebooks

M800 series is ideal for you who is looking for a stylish laptop with combination of power and portability at a reasonable price.

Toshiba L840 notebooks
Pic: Toshiba L840 notebooks

L800 series is ideal for families, students and small business owners looking for a stylish laptop with plenty of power at a reasonable price.

C800 series laptops are ideal for price-conscious consumers, students and first-time buyers looking for basic productivity at home or the office.

Toshiba Satellite 800 series are available during 2nd quarter of 2012.

Visit http://pc.toshiba-asia.com for more information.

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