Adobe Muse Beta Download: Web Publishing Tool for Graphic Designers

Adobe muse

Graphic designers do not publish HTML website because they do not know coding. When a graphic designer wants to create a website, he/she would design the website then pass to web developer to convert the design into HTML codes.

Adobe released a new beta software, code-named Muse, to allow graphic designers create websites as easy as creating layouts for print. You can design and publish HTML pages to the web standards (HTML5 and CSS3) without writing code.

Adobe Muse beta is now available for free download at http://muse.adobe.com. It is a Adobe Air application, you can run it on Windows and Mac OS. If you think Adobe Air application is slow then Muse will surprise you. I installed it on my Mac OS X Lion and it runs like a native application, fast and no lagging.

In Muse, you get 4 tabs to represent the workflow of web development: Plan, Design, Preview, and Publish.

  1. Plan – plan the structure of website, sitemaps.
  2. Design – design the layout of each web pages, just like working on Adobe InDesign.
  3. Preview – preview and test your website before publish
  4. Publish – publish the website to Adobe hosting or your hosting provider

You are recommended to visit Muse Learning site before start using it. Also, get inspired by the Muse Showcases, which websites are designed using Muse.

Learn more about Adobe Muse.

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