All You Need to Know About Maxis iPhone 3GS

Maxis Malaysia is bringing in Apple iPhone 3GS to Malaysia on 31 July 2009 and will be available in its retail stores. For those who are interested, you can checkout the Maxis iPhone 3GS plan at here.
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What’s new about Apple iPhone 3GS?

The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G have the same design, but the former has a white color version.

iPhone 3GS has better performances (up to 2x faster), better build-in camera with autofocus, ability to take/edit video, voice control, and a virtual compass. iPhone 3GS has a slightly better battery life than iPhone 3G, too.

Compare the two iPhone models here.

What are the features still lacking in iPhone 3GS?

The new iPhone 3GS hardware and iPhone OS 3.0 added many new features. However, compared to the list of lacked features of iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS still lack of following features:

  • No flash on camera. (Apple thinks all mobile flash light sucks?)
  • Cannot replace built-in battery. (buy AppleCare to extend warranty)
  • Cannot transfer files via iPhone bluetooth (Apple forces you to use ?)
  • Does not support Flash animation on website. (Adobe CEO: “Flash on iPhone not so easy”)

Which Maxis iPhone 3GS plan is best?

There are 28 different Maxis iPhone 3GS plans. It could be very confusing and difficult to pick the one that suits you best. I spent a night to survey, research and calculate before I picked my plan (iData 2).

I would recommend you to pick the ideal plan type first before comparing iPhone 3GS prices among different plans.

Before picking an iPhone 3GS plan, you will need to decide:

  • Which model? 16GB or 32GB?
  • Contract or not? 12 months, 24 months?
  • How much data access you needed per month? few hundred MB or unlimited?
  • How often you make calls/SMS?

All Apple iPhone 3GS sold by Maxis Malaysia are the UNLOCKED version. :D

iValue Plans is ideal for:

  • new Maxis customers who switch to get iPhone 3GS
  • people who want to have another phone number for iPhone 3GS
  • people who use data access more than calls/sms

Note: the free minutes of local calls is valid for all local operators (not limited to Maxis number). You pay iValue Plans for free call minutes and free data, exclude SMS. Port-in customers are not eligible to sign up for the iValue Plans with a 24 month contract.

iData Plans is ideal for:

  • current Maxis Value Plus Plan customers who make calls/sms often

Prepaid Plans is ideal for:

  • existing Hotlink prepaid plan customers
  • people who wants a contract free, unlocked iPhone 3GS
  • heavy data users (use cheaper unlimited data plan by other mobile service provider)

Note: Hotlink prepaid pack is required, and you will get free 500MB data for 12 months

Warranty for Maxis iPhone 3GS

The Maxis iPhone 3GS comes with 1 year official warranty.

If you opt in for 24 months contract but the iPhone breaks after 12 month warranty expires, you will STILL have to pay for the 12 months contract WITHOUT a working iPhone.

We can purchase the AppleCare for iPhone (SGD $99) to extend the warranty to a total of 2 years.

Right? Sadly, the answer is “No” for Malaysians.

Quote from a on LowYat forum:

“There’s not AppleCare For iPhone according to Apple Malaysia. AppleCare for iPhone only applies to certain countries.”

Yes, I buy Maxis iPhone 3GS!

Previously, I talked about Maxis iPhone 3G-no-S and I didn’t like it. After reading all the , I have changed my mind.

“But as a whole, the iPhone 3GS is the best all-around smartphone available.” — Gizmodo

I pre-booked Maxis iPhone 3GS,the 1st smartphone I buy, and waiting to pick it up on 1st August 2009.

As an existing Maxis Value Plus Plan 150 customer who send many SMS, I picked the iData 2 plan (12 months contract, RM50/month, 500MB data/month) and pay RM2090 for the iPhone 3GS 16GB (black).

What do you think of Apple iPhone 3GS? Are you getting it too?

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