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The Secrets of Download Free Desktop Wallpapers using Google Images

We love wallpapers. I will show you how to download free desktop wallpapers using Google images, with specified type, size, and color!

searching wallpapers on google

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Find wallpaper using Google Images

Goto Google images and search for wallpaper with the related keyword(s) of your desire desktop wallpaper type.

Example: wallpaper nature
(find nature wallpapers)

Specified wallpaper size

To find wallpapers that match your desktop size, you can specified with “imagesize“.

Example: wallpaper nature imagesize:1920x1200
(find only nature wallpapers with the size of 1920 x 1200 pixels)

Wallpaper color

google images colorsYou might also prefer your wallpaper of a color over the others. You can specified the wallpaper color theme (overall color) with the “color dropdown menu” of Google Images.

Wallpaper type

google images typeThe Google Images’ “type” filter also works on wallpaper search. For example, select “Face” will show wallpapers which focus on faces.

Download wallpaper directly

By default, clicking Google Images search result will bring up the image source in a frame. No direct image link.

I use the “Google Image direct links” greasemonkey script (Firefox only) to achieve direct image link.

My two cents

Google images search is a fast and easy way to download the wallpaper you like. The wallpaper results may not 100% accurate to your keywords but you can still found some high quality wallpapers.

The “imagesize” option is especially useful to find wallpapers that match your screen size perfectly!

Google Images would be my 1st stop for searching new wallpapers. Then, I can download even more wallpapers on the source sites. :-D

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