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Install Internet Explorer 6 on Linux

Thanks to WINE, you can run Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 on Linux quite well by now. Techblogging shows us the instruction to install Internet Explorer 6 on Linux.

  • Get recent wine.
  • Add a new user named “windows” to your system.
  • Use gksu -u windows xterm to open a shell as the windows user.
  • Download dcom98.com and ie6setup.exe, save them to /tmp.
  • Type the following commands:
    wget http://www.kievinfo.com/2/ie6_overrides.reg
    wine regedit ie6_overrides.reg
    wine /tmp/dcom98.exe
    wine /tmp/ie6setup.exe
  • Now, you can run IE by following command:
    gksu -u windows wine C:\Program\ Files\Internet\ Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE

[via Techblogging]

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