HOW TO: Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users Using UnTweeps

Untweeps - unfollow inactive twitter users

If you are on Twitter and following many users, you might want to unfollow those who do not update for a long time. Afterall, no point to follow a Twitter user who does not tweet.

Previously, I told you about MyCleenr to clean your Twitter contact list but now it is closed.

Now, I found another tool to unfollow Twitter users who do not tweet often — UnTweeps. It is fast, easy to use, free, and it works!

Read on for the UnTweeps tutorial.

How to use UnTweeps to unfollow Twitter users who do not update often

  1. Sign in your Twitter account on UnTweeps (It is safe).
  2. After logging in, enter number of days (default: 30) to list Twitter users who do not tweet for the period. Click “List state Tweeps” button.

    UnTweeps options

    There is another feature to whitelist the Twitter users you do NOT want to unfollow, even they are inactive.

  3. Few seconds later (It is fast!), UnTweeps will list down all the Twitter users who are matching your search criterial. Each listed Twitter user are shown with avatar, username and last update’s date.
  4. Select those whom you want to unfollow (No “Check All” button as it violate Twitter’s TOS). Click “Unfollow Selected Tweeps” button at the bottom of the page to unfollow those inactive Tweeps.
  5. At the next page, UnTweeps will list the unfollow requests that have been successfully received and acknowledged by the Twitter API.
  6. Done. Now you have cleaner Twitter follow list!

UnTweeps helped me to removed 40+ inactive Twitter users who do not tweet for over 30 days. Nice!

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