Back from PC Fair

Guys, I am back from my trip to PC Fair. Here are the stuffs I got. They have burned a hole in my pocket. :P

PC Fair 2006
Stuff I bought at PC Fair, except the DVD burner.(Click to enlarge)

What I bought for myself:

  • Canon PowerShot A700 digital camera
  • Tripod
  • GP batteries charger
  • Printer inks
  • LG DVD burner with external enclosure

About the camera

It is not the best deal I know of. The camera shop introduced by TienSoon has a better deal but they are out of stock! So, I look for second choice at PC Fair. I bought the Canon A700 at RM1132. It is a special price in the last hour of PC Fair. Here is the list of items of the package:

  1. PowerShot 700
  2. Mini tripod
  3. Screen protector
  4. Umbrella
  5. Metal neck strap
  6. CP kit bag
  7. Lens cleaner
  8. 2 x 512MB SD card

I haven’t receive the metal neck strap, CP kit bag, lens cleaner, and one of the SD card because they were out of stock. Canon will mail them to me later.

About the DVD burner

I did not get my DVD burner at PC Fair because couldn’t find any external DVD burner that supports Firewire port. I got the LG DVD burner and external enclosure at Low Yat plaza for RM305. The burner is not the latest version, it only burns DVD±RW at 8x speed, and not at 10x. It’s ok, I don’t burn DVDs often. The external enclosure looks cool. It is made of aluminum and it is so heavy!

My two cents

It was so enjoyable to spend money for stuffs you like! Erm… a bit over budget this time. :P Well, it is my birth month! Hahaha…

By the way, I need to start reading some photography magazines to brush up my skill. My friend, Weilian, recommended “Digital Camera Magazine” (He even got his pic published in the magazine!).

Any other recommendation of photography magazines?

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16 thoughts on “Back from PC Fair”

  1. Another option to brush up is… Learn lighting skill and art direction skill. :lol: Well, I’ve been waiting for your shoting/photolog for age dude… When are you going to show me really?

  2. I’m just happy to see you finally bought something from PC Fair, instead of just being an observer like the last few years :) I guess your current ‘job’ pays you well.

  3. I agree with uncleLim: blogging for money works :) Also for me, but is was LiewCF that encouraged me to start as well.

    Have to be polite: of course we want to see pics of Liewcf

    surrounded by some cuties :-)

  4. “They have burned a hole in my pocket.”

    Never mind la Liew, since your pocket is quite big haha :p Moreover, the camera will surely give you worthy returns also

  5. @uncleJim: I only buy what I REALLY need, kind of stingy person. :)
    @Stef: yeah, if only I can know some cuties. :P
    @Tien Soon: Ya, camera was in my wishlist for more than 10 years!
    @Shivaranjan: Sure. I will write a detail review about the DVD burner and enclosure.

  6. LcF says “How to know cuties…”

    This LiewCF so humble…

    Can go to any Expo (like the car ones),
    show your namecard that LiewCF makes gorgeous websites
    and can make for gorgeous cuties same thing
    of course need first pics with LiewCF
    (and some Rm of course…)

    If no time for all that,
    sign up (free of course, only ads make the money there) at my site at :

    If all the cuties and cutes reading this comment sign up there,
    LiewCF will have lots of cuties to make pictures of!

  7. I’d recommend “Practical Photography” – but this mag is hefty Rm27.90 per month though. They have lovely tips and guides, even post-processing guides :)


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