Nokia N90 SmartPhone Review

[Nokia N90 reviewed by HuiXin, the author of Bear the Pooh]

Nokia N90 body
Nokia N90 body

The Nokia N90, another production of Nokia, as usual, did not disappoint us with its functions. Featuring the Carl Zeiss Optics and with advanced digital camera features, it is almost compatible to having a digital camera in hand.

Nokia N90 keypad

The star here is Carl Zeiss Optics, the world’s leading optics, which makes the lens so much better than the rest. N90 is the first model to incorporate this optics expertise.

I like the functions where you can do so some manual settings such as, exposure, white balance and colour tones. The Scene mode also allows you to choose the mode to match your environment, such as Macro, Night, Sports, Portrait or Landscape. I must compliment on the Night mode, it can actually capture an object clearly in a totally lightless room.

Lightless room picture taken by Nokia N90
Lightless room picture taken by Nokia N90

And it is not like when you are using a camera’s night mode where you have to stay hold for a few seconds. The refresh rate is pretty fast as well. Not to forget about the 20x digital zoom for picture snapping.

Other than the Night mode, the Macro mode is another function that I think should be highlighted.

Outdoor, macro picture taken by Nokia N90
Outdoor, macro picture taken by Nokia N90

The shot taken is almost as good as what a digital camera can offer. There is not much noise to be seen as well, if you compare this to other phone cameras.

Indoor pix taken by Nokia N90

With the twistable 270degree rotating camera barrel, you can easily take a shot above you without having to look up at the risk of spraining your neck. Other than that, you can set the quality of your pictures at your preferences, you can choose from the Print quality, Email or MMS. It is so easy that you do not have to resize the photo with software after your snap.

Nokia N90 interface

N90 supports MP4 format where you can play the video you have recorded with the pre-installed Real Player. The 8x digital zoom for video capturing also makes this an attractive feature. It’s not all, you can even edit and customize your video on this phone itself, very convenient I must say.

The built-in memory in this phone is 31MB and it comes with another 64MB in-box Reduced-Size MMC (RS-MMC). However, this RS-MMC can be replaced by your own choice with a bigger memory space. With the pre-installed Office Tools such as Adode PDF, Quicksheet, Quickword and Quickpoint, you can transfer all your .txt, .pdf, and .xls files to your phone and view them when you are free.

Nokia N90 memory slot

If the files you received from the email on phone, you can view them instantly if the format is supported. This will be very useful for people who are always on the go where they can read the important documents wherever they are. The connectivity only allows Bluetooth and through cable, no Infrared is supported. Other personal assistance functions such as to-do-list are not much different than other Nokia models.

Nokia N90 in palm

However, there is no such thing as perfection. Firstly, it is always the weight issue, as you can see from the picture, N90 is not really handy, it is bulky and only slightly smaller than the size of an adult’s palm. You can’t easily slip an N90 into your pocket. But, again, if you think about the having a camcorder capability and phone in one, it would be convincing enough to get yourself this.

Secondly, there will be some problems when you switch your profile to Silent. This phone has no vibration function. It becomes a problem when you are in a meeting or at a noisy or crowded place, because you will not able to hear the ringing tone when you are in such situation, and you might just miss an important call. Thus, you have to check your phone very frequently when you are in the silent mode.

Nokia N90 speaker

If you are a high-end user and functions targeted phone users, N90 will definitely fulfill your wish. What more can you possibly expect a mobile phone to be?

Download sample pictures and video taken by Nokia N90. [Hosted on]

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9 thoughts on “Nokia N90 SmartPhone Review”

  1. Bear rather get a new laptop. can get 10 other nokia 2600.

    btw, any nokia phone which uses mmc cards cost no more than RM500?

  2. Well… Honestly, lighting is very very important for a handphone’s camera to operate in its full. My handphone’s camera only offer 1.3MP, I can get the shot like above too.

    Mr Bear: I think it’s really hard to get that. But RM700 I think you can get one though…

  3. LiewCF….I think u r a bit outdated lah…..N90 has been out for more than a year now…even the N93 is available now!

    Should do a review on the latest ones like N93…N73 etc!

    I used to enjoy ur blog b4…but the past few months has been a downtrend…u used to have a lot of tech review, tip/tricks, jokes…where are they?

  4. How is the Nokia N90 software for PC?

    Myself I use a Nokia N70, and for a camera-phone, I am very happy with the pictures it takes.

    Yet 2 problems:
    -you can send pictures from the N70 to your emailadress: a feature that didn’t work in the beginning, went back to the shop, then it worked, and now it doesn’t work again…
    -the Nokia Software that you get with CD when you purchase the phone: after installing, I just don’t get the Nokia N70 connected to my PC, nor with the Nokia USB cable, nor with bluetooth.

    Does anybody using the N90 has these probs and if so, how did u fix them?

  5. can anyone help me, my N90 nokia’s camera is destory , means it’ s strip is broken , can someome tell me what should i do with that set, bcz it’s front Lcd is broken too, but inner one is working, and mobile phone is working too, but camera is not working, i want to make it again how much i pay for? can anyone tell me plzzz




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