Chromebook: 5 Obvious Advantages to Get One!

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Even before it’s official arrival on June 15th, the new and innovative Chromebooks have been causing quite a stir with critics. While it may be awhile before web-based operating systems replaces your desktop computer it is a wonderful compliment to your desktop while showing a ton of future potential.

Unsure if a a Chromebook is right for you? Well you’re not the only one! In this article I’ll give you 5 points you should consider when buying one. As of right now a Chromebook will cost you $399 for a WiFi only version from Acer. You can expect that price to drop a great deal once more hardware companies begin production.

Also be aware that this is a brand new product and the Chrome OS can still be buggy at times (it’s still in beta phase) and a few websites don’t have a “Chrome Friendly” version of their sites created yet which can make pages render in ways they normally wouldn’t.

Now on to the good stuff!

1. Instant On Is Awesome!

With a Chromebook you’ll no longer have to be annoyed when booting up your computer, waiting for your start-up programs to begin or loading your browser for surfing the net. On a Chromebook it only takes eight seconds to boot up from the off position. If the Chromebook is asleep it will start-up instantly. You’ll be back on the web within a heartbeat to do whatever you need to get done.

2. Screw Up Proof

What do I mean by screw up proof? Well a Chromebook was designed to keep things simple. Google’s Chrome OS only has a few settings you can adjust and the file system is very hands off. Another plus is that all of your personal settings will sync between Chrome browsers on different computers. All this means that a Chromebook will crash a great deal less than your normal PC would.

3. No Worrying About Updates

Chromebooks were specifically made on a highly flexible OS that is able to always monitor and install updates in the background. This means you’re not going to have to worry about making sure you’ve installed the latest updates for you applications and browser. It also means new security fixes will always be applied quickly to your Chromebook.

4. Your Music and Documents Everywhere!

Using Chrome applications like Google Music, Radio, Pandora (music) and Google Docs, Dropbox and SugarSync (documents), you’ll always have the music and documents you want right at your fingertips.

On the music side while Chromebook may not replace your home library of music it does make the perfect complement to it. As far as documents, every change you make will be automatically saved, automatically updated and available on any computer or mobile device. Pretty cool right?

5. 3G On The Go!

Nowadays most places have WiFi you can tap into but if you want to use your computer on the road, the 3G Chromebook comes with 100 MB of data every month when using Verizon. This is basically enough to do some emailing when you’re out of the range of WiFi. If you’re often out of WiFi range there other data packages you can purchase.

I could go on with with other great features of the Chromebook like the battery life and the built-in webcam and mic but I think you’ve gotten the point. Good luck and happy shopping!

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