RAWR! New Features in Mac OS X Lion!

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Mac OS X Lion, the latest operating system from Apple, has been released in Mac App Store for download at 20 July 2011. Cost only $30 USD, it is a major upgrade from Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Read on for what’s new about the Lion.

Multi-touch gestures

Multi touch gestures

If you own a tablet computer or smartphone, you probably are already familiar with gestures like pinch, swipe. Mac OS X Lion support different gestures (use up to 3 fingers) to switch between apps, scroll, zoom, and navigate.

The multi-touch gestures is a handy feature for Mac laptop (comes with multi-touch trackpad) owners. Mac desktop users would need to get a Multi-touch Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad to use the feature.

Run apps in full-screen

Mac OS X Lion allows software to take up whole computer screen for less distraction and view more content at a glance, provided the software support the feature. Apple’s iPhoto, Mail, Safari, Photo Booth, Pages are example of full-screen apps.

Mission Control

Os x lion mission control

Mission Control gives you a bird’s-eye view of all your opened applications. In Mission Control view, Dashboard is located at the top left, full-screen apps are listed at the top row. Desktop and windows appear in the lower part. App with multiple windows would be grouped together. Spaces can be added by dragging an app to the top row.

Mac App Store

Like App Store for iOS devices, Mac App Store is where you browse and download free and paid software for your Mac. Mac App Store keeps track of your apps and tells you when an update is available.


Os x lion launchpad

Launchpad is a view of iOS apps listing on Mac OS X. It gives instant access to all the apps on your Mac. You can arrange your apps any way you want, group them in folders, or uninstall (delete) them with ease. Software downloaded from Mac App Store automatically appears in Launchpad.

Auto Save and Versions

Os x lion versions

Mac OS X Lion’s Auto Save and Versions are the life saving features!

In software thats support Auto Save, your work will be automatically saved. No more worries about losing your hours of hard work just because you forgot to save it.

Versions is a new feature that take snapshots of your work and displays them side by side with the latest versions in an timeline. You can then review the changes, restore a previous version, or copy & paste from old versions to new ones.


AirDrop make sharing files wirelessly with people nearby becomes simple and easy. Simply drag and drop the files you want to share (no Wi-Fi network required) to other AirDrop users (Sorry, Windows users) within 30 feed of you, and the files will go into receiver’s Downloads folder. No complicated setup!

Lion Server

Wanna run a server at home or office? OS X Lion Server allows you to turn any Mac computer into a powerful server.

Online download only, no installer disc

Unlike the former OS X versions, Lion is not available to be purchased in DVD discs format. You have to purchase on Mac App Store and download the almost 4GB (!) Mac OS X Lion installer.

Though Mac App Store download is resumable after paused, but failed download caused by lost connection will start from beginning. Make sure you pause & resume every 1 or 2 hours if you have unstable broadband.

For those with slow Internet connection, Apple will sell Mac OS X Lion in USB flash drive in August.

My two cents

Should you upgrade to Mac OS X Lion? Yes. It’s a no-brainer question. With over 250 new features and lower price tag, I see no reason why OS X Snow Leopard user does not want to upgrade to the latest Mac OS X.

My only complaint is that the 4GB download file size over my slow broadband, which will take over 24 hours to complete…

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