What does Apple iOS 5 Over-The-Air Software Update Mean to You?

Ios 5 beta 4

Apple released the iOS 5.0 beta 4 update yesterday to developers, and this update makes full use of the new ‘over-the-air’ software updating feature.

Tired of having to download the latest iOS update, connect your iDevice to your computer, and then apply the update via iTunes? Well, fret not, as this new feature solves everything! Okay, almost everything.

Update iOS wirelessly

In case you’re wondering, the introduction of this feature removes the necessity of having to download the full operating system via iTunes, and having to plug in your iDevice to your computer with iTunes installed on it (preferably the latest version of it) just to apply the update.

Still confused? Well, this basically allows developers (for now) to download the update over a 3G, or a WiFi connection without having to be anywhere near a computer with iTunes installed on it. However, like most firmware updates, this installation can only be done if it has at least 50% of its battery life remaining.

This most probably is a safety measure taken by Apple to prevent our devices from running out of juice during the installation, which of course, would be catastrophic. However, you can always plug in your iDevice to a power source and proceed with the installation.

Much smaller download size

Wait, there’s MORE! This new feature has more goodness packed in it! The over-the-air iOS 5.0 beta 4 is a mere 133MB, which is about 700MB lesser than the original .ipsw file. I’m sure those with cranky internet connections are smiling widely right now.

This update is for developers only right now, so lets just hope everything works flawlessly. I can’t wait to give this promising feature a shot though.

[Source: Mac Rumors]

Author: Dinesh Karthikesu

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