Apple iMac (2011): Quad-core Processor, Faster Graphics, Thunderbolt, Price List, and Buying Advice

Apple imac 2011

New Apple iMac (2011) line has the same aluminum unibody but with Sandy Bridge quad-core processors, faster graphics, Thunderbolt, and FaceTime HD camera. Read on for the new features and price list, buying advice.

What’s new?

Now, all iMacs are powered by quad-core Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. It is up to 1.7x faster than the previous generation of iMac. AMD Radeon HD graphic processor is used for better performance in 3D games, video editing, and running design software.

Like the MacBook Pro released previously, new iMacs now have a Thunderbolt port for fast data transfer speed. The 27-inch iMac includes 2 Thunderbolt ports allows you to connect more devices or 2 external monitors.

iMac 2011 price list

  • 21.5-inch: 2.5GHz – USD$1199 (RM3799)
  • 21.5-inch: 2.7GHz – USD$1499 (RM4699)
  • 27-inch: 2.7GHz – USD$1699 (RM5299)
  • 27-inch: 3.1GHz – USD$1999 (RM6299)

Custom configurations are available: Magic Trackpad, upgrade memory, upgrade hard drive, SSD second drive, etc.

LiewCF’s buying advice

I recommend 27-inch 2.7Ghz iMac for Mac desktop computer. It is fast, has big display and dual thunderbolt ports. For power users, the dual Thunderbolt ports allows triple displays setup is a dream-come-true.

If you have less budget, then consider 21.5-inch 2.7GHz iMac. It has the same specs 27-inch 2.7Ghz iMac except a smaller display.

Do not buy 21.5-inch 2.5GHz iMac although it is cheapest iMac. You will an iMac with slower processor, slower graphic, less disk space!

Keep in mind that Apple iMac is almost not upgradable (except RAM). Get your desired specs when buying, because you hardly upgrade it later.

Also, install as many RAM as you can afford. Do NOT buy RAM upgrade from Apple. You can save a few hundreds bucks by buying from local computer shop!

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