Top 15 Travel Gadgets of 2012 [VIDEOS]

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Everyone wants their holiday to be fun-filled and stress-free. Thankfully, teams of technicians beaver away to create hardware that makes our lives a little easier. Before you go on vacation you should check out these wonderful gadgets, which make great travel companions.

Check out the 15 travel gadgets of 2012 after the break.

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1. Kindle Touch 3G (£169)

There’s no longer any need to snap up a bulky paperback at the airport. The Kindle Touch 3G is a super slim e-reader which can store up to 3,000 books. The touchscreen makes navigating your latest tome hassle free and it even has text-to-speech, MP3 and audiobook support.

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2. i’M Watch (£129)

Now you won’t just be checking your wristwatch for the time. i’M Watch wirelessly connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth and has a colour display which allows you to keep abreast of your calls, texts and emails while you take in the sights.

3. Powerbag Sling ($129.99)

A fantastic piece of kit, the Powerbag Sling actually recharges all your electronic gadgets while you’re on the move. Never again will you reach your hotel and have to fumble through a whole host of adaptors to make sure your smartphone or iPad doesn’t run out of juice.

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4. Recon Instruments MOD Live ($399.99)

Fitting on your ski goggles (not included), the MOD Live head mounted GPS display connects with your Android smartphone to deliver MP3 playlists, GPS navigation and even buddy tracking to the inside of your goggles. It also provides speed and jump analytics. The slopes just got a lot more fun.

Recon Instruments MOD Live

5. PowerTrekk (£165)

Hailing from Sweden, the PowerTrekk is a multi-use charger for smartphones, Sat Navs and cameras for people like extreme sports enthusiasts who often find themselves far from a plug socket. Just by tipping one tablespoon into the charger it will produce 10 hours of battery life for a phone.

6. Mushroom GreenZero Wall Charger ($30)

Made for the eco-friendly traveller, the Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger switches off the mains charge when your smartphone or laptop is fully charged, stopping electricity from being wasted.

7. Jetlev R200 (£150 a day hire)

Want a lifting holiday experience? The Jetlev R200 is a water powered jetpack that can send users rocketing up to 30ft off the ground. Awesome! To buy one you’ll need £83,000, but they’ll soon be offered in hire packs for around £150 a day.

8. Sony HMZ-T1 (£799)

Do you ever head to the cinema while on holiday? Now you don’t need to. The Sony HMZ-T1 is an impressive head mounted 3D home cinema system that creates an image through the viewer that resembles a 150 inch HDTV screen placed just 12 feet before you. Now all you need is popcorn.

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9. Polaroid SC1630 (Price/Release TBD)

Certainly one to look out for, the new Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera is 16 megapixels, high definition, has a 3X optical zoom and uses a Google Android operating system enabling super fast and hassle free photo sharing via social media networks. It should be here by the end of the year.

10. UWater G4 Chrome MP3 Player ($80)

Uwater g4 chrome mp3 player

Absolutely tiny and 100% waterproof, the UWater G4 Chrome is the perfect choice for holidaymakers who want to scuba dive to the depths with a little musical accompaniment. It can store 4,000 songs.

[image by T3]

11. Innergie PocketCell ($79.99)

It’s all very well collecting a vast range of gadgets, but have you considered the number of chargers you’ll need to take on vacation? The Innergie PocketCell is a universal rechargeable mobile battery bank which handily charges all USB powered devices.

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12. Jawbone UP (£79.99)

While many see a holiday as a time to cut loose and indulge themselves, others want to keep active and healthy during their vacation. The Jawbone UP wristband keeps tabs on your metabolism via an iPhone app and helps you keep track of when it’s time to exercise.

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13. SpareOne Phone (£60)

A truly excellent idea, the SpareOne mobile phone is an emergency phone to be kept in your car or backpack in case of emergencies. Featuring a battery that lasts for 15 years it is a reliable and useful companion to have around when help must be reached.

14. ECTACO jetBook Color Deluxe (£449.95)

The jetBook Color Deluxe would be a worthy travel gadget in its main function as a colour e-reader enabling all manner of text formats to be read in vibrant colour. However, it also includes pictured dictionaries for 38 languages and a cross translator for 180 languages, which makes it invaluable.

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15. RelayRides

Nick Pudar & Shelby Clark discuss Relay Rides OnStar Integration

US peer-to-peer car sharing company RelayRides enables car owners to hire out their vehicles to other drivers when not in use by the simple installation of a special lock device. An idea both simple and ingenious, RelayRides now operates on a national scale backed by Google and General Motors.

What are your must-have travel gadgets?

Guest post: This article was researched and compiled by our friends at hotel booking company Malaysia. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

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