Mac OS X Lion To Be Sold In The Form Of USB Sticks

Macbook air usb recovery disk

Apple has just announced that their latest operating system, known as Mac OS X Lion, will be released on the 20th of July. Even better, it will come in neat looking USB sticks as well!

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about some tragic accident in a zoo involving lions, and sticks, although I have to admit, that would be a pretty good story. I’m talking about the latest installation of the Mac OS X operating system by Apple, Lion OS!

Apple spokesperson confirmed that this gem of an operating system would be available via the App Store owned by Apple. That left many Mac fanboys bemused, especially those with slow internet connections, as they weren’t exactly sure on how they’d actually be able to download the OS, which sums up to about 4GB in size, right off the App Store.

Chill guys, here’s some good news.

This OS would be sold in USB sticks as well! Nope, I’m not kidding. This may be familiar to Macbook Air owners, who obviously had to use USB sticks, dubbed the “Macbook Air Software Reinstall Drive”, to reformat their Macs, or even install additional software due to the absence of a DVD drive in the Macbook Air.

While the App Store copy of Lion OS merely costs $29, the Lion USB sticks will be sold at $69 (RM207), which is pretty expensive if you ask me. However, this would definitely be a good buy for those who’re on slow connections, or rather, for those who’re extremely impatient. This piece of gem will be available at all Apple Stores in August.

[via The AppleInsider]

[image courtesy of Rob Lawton (Flickr)]

Author: Dinesh Karthikesu

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