New Maxis iPhone 5 Got Scratches? No Warranty!

iPhone 5 scratch
iPhone 5 scratch (Image credit: @SoyaCincau – Twitter)

After the Maxis iPhone 5 launch, SoyaCincau, Malaysian blogger, published a photo of new iPhone 5 photo with scratches/scuff out of box. That’s sad when you found out your precious is not in perfect condition, as soon as you unbox.

Out of curiosity and for the benefit of my readers & followers, I asked the Maxis customer support team on Twitter regarding the issue.

It took them a few days to return a confirmed answer and the answer is disappointed.

Maxis says “No warranty”

After checked with Apple, Maxis told me that the scratches on new iPhone 5 is considered a “cosmetic damage”, which is not covered under the manufacturer (Maxis, in this case) warranty.

[box type=info]Cosmetic damage is including but not limited to scratches, dents, broken plastic on ports or defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the device.[/box]

Worse still, Maxis refuse to cover warranty even if you unbox Maxis iPhone 5 immediately in front of Maxis counter and found scratches on your new iPhone 5.

Maxis iPhone 5 scratch replies
Maxis iPhone 5 scratch replies

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Maxis has confirmed that NO WARRANTY for NEW iPhone 5 scratches, even if you unbox in front Maxis counter. [/box]

How about Celcom and DiGi?

Follow up the question, I asked Celcom and DiGi the same question too.

Celcom replied with a more positive answer:

Hi Liew Cheon-Fong, if it’s a proven manufacturer defect, you can surely claim warranty..

That’s said, you need to convince them that the iPhone 5 is a “manufacturer defect” and not “cosmetic damage”.

DiGi not yet reply.

Apple Care in Malaysia

Regarding the issue, SoyaCincau contacted Apple Care and the respond is disappointing.

In Malaysia, if you purchased an iPhone and its defective, you will have to take your claims for a replacement with the retailer that you bought the device with and not with Apple. It is up to the retailer to replace your defective unit.

About iPhone 5 Scuffgate

The new iPhone 5 with aluminum back cover scuff/scratches problem was reported few months ago when USA customers received their units. Customers claim that their iPhone 5s were scratched straight out of the box, with the damage underneath the protective film applied to iPhone 5. Some customers also complain that iPhone 5 pick up scratches too easily.

Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing, Phil Schiller, responded to scuff gate:

Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.

In USA, Apple give iPhone customers 30 days money back refund if you are unhappy with your new iPhone 5.

Many other parts of the world, including Malaysia, do not have the same customer protection.

[box type=info]Do you know that, Apple settled a $22.5 million lawsuit over scratch problems related to the iPad nano in early 2009?[/box]

According to a Malaysia LowYat forum survey, 137 members claim they received iPhone 5 with scuff.

Protect customer right

With belief of customer right, despite whatever telcos say, you are advised to check your iPhone 5 in front the counter for scratches, death pixels, capacity, serial, IMEI, etc. Raise any issue immediately, keep calm, stand still, convince them that it’s a “manufacturer defect” and insists a satisfy answer.

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8 thoughts on “New Maxis iPhone 5 Got Scratches? No Warranty!”

  1. Liew, I think the keywords should be “…caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the device.” If the scuffs/scratches are out of a sealed box, don’t tell me that is “normal wear and tear” or “normal aging”. Maxis is and can be made responsible as a retailer. It is not goods matching description. I am buying a new phone, not a new phone with scratches. Warranty should be claimable.

  2. That’s why you don’t buy from Maxis. I ordered my iPad mini and iPhone 5 from the online store, no queue, no fuss. The iPad mini arrived with a tiny scratch. I called Apple, they agreed to send a DHL over to pick it up for exchange, they didn’t even ask to see a picture of the scratch.

    They even said I could keep it for a few days first, since it’s a gift to my fiancee, so I can give it to her on Christmas day. They will send DHL after Christmas to exchange it.

    That’s proper customer service.

  3. Maxis and Digi handle iPhone warranty issue very badly.
    That’s why most people will recommend you to buy directly from Apple Store, at least the service is better.
    I’ve also read quite a lot of quality issue on that iPhone 5, mostly on the body itself.


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