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All Malaysian Bloggers Project: Bloggers Gathering

All Malaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) will have their 1st gathering for fellow bloggers in January 2008.

Date: 12 January 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 10.00am onwards
Venue: Starbucks The Gardens, Mid Valley (google map)

All Malaysian bloggers are invited, no registration required. The first 50 bloggers will get a free drink (coffee or tea). Refer to the following picture of Starbucks at The Gardens, I doubt there is enough space for the group.

Starbucks, The Gaderns MidValley
Image: Starbucks, The Gaderns MidValley (credit: MyLifeStory)

There is no event agenda, according to AMBP, “It’ll be a meet-and-mingle sort of get-together, so expect an informal setting”.

My two cents

Instead of rush announcement, I like the early event notification of AMBP. I might be attending the gathering, not confirmed yet.

I am afraid it will be rather “dry” because there is no program during the gathering. It would be nice to have some blogging related discussions there.

Since no registration required, you can drop by to have a free drink ;)

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