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Bloapp: Create Free iPhone App for Your Blog in 5 Minutes


Have you ever wished to create an iPhone app for your blog but cannot afford to hire an iPhone developer? Now you can create an iPhone app for your blog for free using Bloapp. Read my review after the break.

Bloapp is a blank iPhone app. After free registration, you setup your blog (RSS feed) with them, customize the app look and a QR code will be generated. Your readers snap the QR code and get your blog’s iPhone app.

Bloapp for bloggers

Bloapp setup

Bloapp offers 4 different layouts. You can choose theme color, upload own logo, upload header image, and customize background, font type, and text colors. You can also add mobile ads (320×50 pixels) into your app to make money from iPhone app traffic.

At the end of customization, you will get a QR code and its HTML code. Here is the Bloapp QR code for my blog (click on the QR code to download the app):

Bloapp for readers

Bloapp iphone app

Your readers need to install the free Bloapp app on their iPhones then use the app to scan the QR code to add your blog into the blank app. They can add more than one blog in the app.

The app re-format your blog’s RSS feed in the iPhone app and allow readers to share your articles via Facebook and Twitter. Basically, what you get in the iPhone app is same as what you get in a feed reader.

My two cents

Bloapp makes it easy to convert your blog RSS feed into an iPhone app. I’m surprised that it is free and ads free, plus it allows you to have mobile ads.

I’m not sure how many of you readers are willing to take 2 steps (install the app first then scan QR code later) to have your blog app in their iPhone but you have nothing to lose.

Click here to create your iPhone app on Bloapp.

P.S. I kept mistyping “bloapp” as “blogapp”…

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