Now You Can Buy iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS on Malaysia Apple Store

Iphone apple store malaysia\

MALAYSIA (Oct 28, 2011) – Apple Malaysia quietly updated the online store and started selling unlocked (no contract) iPhones for the first time. In the past, Malaysians can only buy iPhone from local telcos.

Malaysia iPhone without contract


p>The available models are iPhone 4 8GB (RM 1799, Black & White) and iPhone 3GS 8GB (RM 1199). Free delivery. Shipping time is about 1 week.

There’s no iPhone 4S on Malaysia Apple Store at this moment. We wish Apple Malaysia would sell iPhone 4S without contract later.

Unlocked iPhone price compared

For comparison, iPhone 4-no-S 8GB without contract is USD 549 (RM 1681) and SGD 788 (RM 1945). iPhone 3GS 8GB unlocked is USD 375 (RM 1148) in USA and SGD 548 (RM 1352) in Singapore.

As you noticed, Singapore iPhone without contract is expensive!

No AppleCare for Malaysia iPhone

Note that AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone, which extend warranty from 1 year to 2 years, is not available on Malaysia Apple Store.

LiewCF’s Buying advice

Tempted to buy cheap iPhone 4? I would advise you to wait for couple weeks for iPhone 4S in Malaysia. You would only pay a few hundred ringgits more to get the latest iPhone with double storage space.

If all you want is only a budget iPhone and you don’t care about phone speed, camera resolution, future updates.. iPhone 3GS would be a good fit. It is a great smartphone that I have been using for 2 years. Keep in mind that 3GS might not get future iOS update.

We are expecting iPhone 4S released in Malaysia by November 2011.

Update (15 Dec 2011): iPhone 4S to be launched in Malaysia at 16 Dec 2011.

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