Ramadhan Buffet
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“Buffet” Top Search Trend in Malaysia During Ramadhan

Ramadhan Buffet
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MALAYSIA — If your hotel or restaurant advertised using the keyword “Ramadhan buffet” during the holy month, you probably have nailed it.

According to Google Malaysia, Malaysians searched “buffet” during Ramadhan more than any other time of the year. Buffet is certainly the Malaysian interested dining styles during Ramadhan period.

Google Searches - Buffet and Ramadhan Buffet
Google Searches: Buffet & Ramadhan Buffet

The number of searches using keyword “Ramadhan buffet” increased by 164% from 2009 − 2012, confirms that it is the crowd draw year-after-year with a large number of Malaysians searching for information on where to break their fast.

When compared with “hotel buffet”, the search interest in “Ramadhan buffet” was 120% higher between 2009 − 2012. Malaysians search “Ramadhan buffet” 2.2 times higher than “Hotel buffet” during the Ramadhan period.

For businesses and marketers, this means the ability to test their products and services to reach audiences with relevant messages, identify emerging trends and discover opportunities, anticipate demand and seasonality, understand geographic distribution and optimise campaigns or keyword development. — Google Malaysia

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P.S. Which Ramadhan Buffet did you try and recommend?

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