OnlyInMalaysiaMah Spam and Scam?

Only In Malaysia Mah” is an ebook by Jason Tan (no link from me) that claims to make easy money with methods that:

  • are easy to work
  • run 99% on autopilot
  • doesn’t require any capital to start
  • will create multiple streams of income for you

I believe the statements make it looks like a scam to anyone who has a clear mind.

onlyinmalaysiamah screenshot
Image: Screenshot of OnlyInMalaysiaMah website, “Money for nothing & Chicks for Free!

“Chicks for Free”? That is insulting to ladies!

Stock images on OnlyInMalaysiaMah website?
Image: Stock images on OnlyInMalaysiaMah website?

OnlyInMalaysiaMah Spam

I noticed the website some days ago on my AdSense ad (It is now in my AdSense filter list). I didn’t pay much attention to it. I thought it was “just another e-product”.

But, I found one of its member/client spamming the Malaysia Bloggers Forum. That’s what I cannot tolerate.

Here is the screenshot of the spam message in the forum.

OnlyInMalaysiaMah member spam in forum
Image: OnlyInMalaysiaMah member spam in forum

The message includes a link to geocities website, and the website has a sexy banner that linked to OnlyInMalaysiaMah with its referral id.

onlyinmalaysiamah sexy banner
Image: onlyinmalaysiamah sexy banner

The banner use “FAST MONEY” as a title and with the text “The Secret to Earn RM40,000 a month and get all the pretty ladies…”

Oh dear, I am more interested on the ladiessss than the RM40,000. :P

Sex does the sales? But I believe they do not have the permission to use the image of the lady. She is a Japanese actress, as far as I know.

The Malaysia Bloggers Forum is not the only victim. Google for “onlyinmalaysiamah” returns 320 results. 7 out of 10 results on first page are canned messages with referral link to the OnlyInMalaysiaMah website.

Sample canned OnlyInMalaysiaMah message:

A young Malaysian millionaire Jason Tan reveals his secrets on how he makes millions on the Internet working only a few hours per week.


For the first time ever Jason Tan is revealing his never before told secrets.


Jason’s Only In Malaysia Mah has been rated the number one opportunity by numerous online reviews and has been seen in Entrepreneur Magazine.


You can start making RM100, RM500, even RM1,000+ every day working at home from your computer.

Please note that there is no evidence provided to prove that Jason Tan is a millionaire, searches of “jason tan” and “only in malaysia mah” on Entrepreneur Magazine returns no result.

My two cents

I do not buy the ebook, therefore I do not know the content will make you get rich fast easily or not. The web page statements and the massive number of referral spams did not convince me to pay for the product.

Never believe any method that claims to get rich fast and easy.

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