Why I drop Advertlets and Nuffnang

I’ve been using Advertlets and Nuffnang on hongkiat.com for quite some time, probably since the launch and now I chose to skip; nothing personal, just that when ads do not generate revenue we have to let go and give way to better. Here’s few reason that drew me to this decision:

CPC on Image Ads

Bloggers who make money from blogging should know image ads are poor on Cost Per Click (CPC); that’s probably the main reason why most image ads out there are offering as Cost Per thousand Impression (CPM), affiliates commissions, cost per month, etc. I do understand advertisers could be requesting for CPC on their image ads so they maximize from what they’ve paid for, but bloggers should also have the choice to choose if they are interested to accept CPC image ads. CPC image ads appear on blogs without notifications and I think that’s bad. Bloggers only come to know that they are actually running a CPC after noticing a downfall in ads revenue.

Prime Areas on Image Ads

Prime areas are noticeable areas on your blog before a scrolling; they are precious spots as these areas usually get most attention on any visits. It’s best that we make good use of them. Some prefer putting high pay ads, some insert top blog content. In a nutshell, prime areas are expensive areas. I’ve been using Advertlets and Nuffnang on Sidebar prime areas, mainly as being supportive and also earning money from it But if it’s a CPC Image ads that don’t convert, I’ll have to drop it.

Ads are static

I totally understand that both our local ad networks are new and there are only limited amount of advertisers for the time being. Limited advertisers also mean limited variety of image ads. That’s fine if image ads are running on CPM basis. My point is, when a new CPC image ad comes in, there is a high chance that user will click it. And when user clicks, you earn. But when the exact same ad is being displayed again and again, no one will click it again and when no one clicks your earning will stop until the entire campaign is over. Still, it’s a CPC image ad problem.

Here’s a little suggestion, ad network can suggest advertiser to come out with series of different banners for the same campaign. At least it gives a fresher look instead of displaying same old banner again and again.

Ratio of my local visitors

Hongkiat.com reached 4.2k unique per day but it’s recorded around 3k in Nuffnang and probably lower in Advertlets’s readings. That’s okay as tracking might be lead to inaccuracy from many factors. The explanation I was given when I do not have ads served is – my ratios of Malaysian readers are low. Personally, I think that’s quite arguable. Say I have 4000 unique/day with ratio 1:5 – Malaysian readers : International readers. This means I still have 800 unique Malaysian readers/day. Aren’t these Malaysian readers counted?

A reversed question: If the ratio of my traffic is 5:1 and I’m getting 3.2k Malaysian readers and 800 international readers on daily basis, will these 800 International readers be taken into considerations for ads serving?

Geo-location targeted ads are probably the best solution here but I’m still getting the same reason and it’s sad.

What’s your say?

The reason I’m writing this on LiewCF‘s blog is because I owe him a lot of guest post ever since I’m made a guest blogger here and entries in hongkiat.com have been pre-scheduled until this sunday. I must exclaim again that these are only from my personal point of view and I have no intention to influence nor defamation, Nuffnang and Advertlets might do well on your blog (I know it did quite well for some blogs). It’s nothing personal, just doing what’s best for my blog. Maybe I’ll start a personal lifestyle blog and will again become a Nuffnang or Advertlets publishers :)

I know its long, but I’d really like to hear your opinion and your experience on earning with Advertlets and Nuffnang.

[Contributed by Hongkiat]

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51 thoughts on “Why I drop Advertlets and Nuffnang”

  1. I’ve never signed up for either of them which suprised even me as i’m on almost every ad program out there, i guess i was waiting for reviews and feedback on how bloggers fared with nuffnang/adverlets.

    Like you said, blog space (/prime ad space) is so valuable so bloggers really have to be quite picky if they intend to make money from their blog.

    I’m glad there’s a Malaysian company involved but in my own personal opinion i rather earn $USD/Euro from ad space on my blogs rather than RM.

  2. You have a valid point on CPC ads running on and on again but I disagree on disclosing it is whether CPC or otherwise in the first place, as that would “suggest” to readers on how they approach their blog contents…some may try to deliberately jack up their traffic by writing “specific” post but if they do realise it’s CPC, they wouldn’t care less….

    I really strongly suggest they should compelled all users to have the option to choose beforehand , so that they know if future CPC ads comin beforehand without their knowledge, they wouldn’t do anything “deliberately” to their blogs.

  3. So far I have earned a whopping Rm1.70 sen on Advertlets and Rm2.90 on Nuffnang. I’m going to be rich!… (NOT!)

    Perhaps I will leave em there but I may be changing the placement. Adsense seem to be a better choice. But then again, my traffic is not as high so can’t complain much!

  4. I think both nuffnang and advertlets are too focused on their own-self promotions, giving away prize monies, freebies, having local gatherings… it’s just too much of a self promo thing. The should instead focus on their end technology instead of getting the bloggers to rave “now you can earn in ringgits”.

    Advertlets pages have a lot of placeholders… just too empty of “valued” information. The focus too much on beautifying their UI instead of back end solution.

    Still, it’s some good news for the local blogosphere. But, the point is I hope their focus more on technology instead of getting publicity all around. Publicity can only getting so far, technology and innovation can bring them to greater heights!

    alrite, digg on! cheers!

  5. well to be honest kudos to them for taking the risk to step into a largely dominated market by google..its good to get it localised..totally agree with the points you put out..hope either party reads it and try to improve from there..

    money isnt great with CPC but i heard that is wat advertisers prefer as there is only so much that you can stuff in an ad..

  6. Yup, I only notice last few weeks that advertlets is suddenly running on CPC.. well, they didn’t give notice, aren’t they? And it’s been quite bad lately.. I don’t think I earn much since they run on CPC..

  7. Bob: There’s nothing to be worried about, it might not work for me but it could work for you if your malaysian traffic ratio is high.

    Moses: Part of the reason why I sign up is because I can give insight view on making money with our fellow local ad networks. I’ve tried, reviewed and now moved on, sticking with USD earning ads network for hongkiat.com

    Freethinker: From my point of view, if particular content can jack the traffic up, the content must be something good and I don’t really mind that. Beforehand or afterhand, I believe giving users the option to swap among CPC,CPM, CPA or even affiliates is good as long as its mutual benefiting, not only particularly bias towards advertisers. 

    Ady, Kay: In the end of the day, I guess its traffics that lead to making money on blogs. Good content brings traffic, traffic brings revenue, not a single ad network can give you a shortcut to earning without traffic. Let’s leave the pay post model aside, heh.

    Jared: I agreed, quality speaks further.

    Lotsofcravings: Ads network should work out a good balance, mutual benefiting. That’s hard but that’s a need.

  8. It could be that there’s significant number of readers (esp in Technology related Blog) turning on the Ad-Blocker. So, unique visits (recorded by the Ad firm) are lower than expected.

  9. I agreed totally with you and I have also been thinking of dropping them or the totally non revenue one. After the CPC launch, I got very much less revenue from CPC compared to the earlier Image Ads from Nuffnang. The amount is small as my blog still do not command high traffic. But from the figure, the launched of CPC will be the advantage to the Advertiser. The Ads taking up our prime space and very little return.
    As for advertlets, I got zero so far. I must as well look for other options.
    Doing paid post give most bloggers are better opportunity to make some money.
    With your high traffic website, you cannot earn much. The lower traffic one are just peanuts.

  10. My earning on Advertlets is quite slow, so far I just earned RM0.31, at least there people click on it. I didn’t try Nuffnang before as I am still waiting my birthday to come then I am eligible for signing up.

  11. HongKiat, u r right that content is the key but surely you know if it’s running based on traffic, you would be more driven… it’s CPC, blogger doesn’t really pay too much attention on the progress, because it’s beyond their control.

    I am speaking as a generalisation on the pool of bloggers out there, it doesn’t reflect on my personal way of handling my blog. :-)

    I’m sure you know what i mean.

  12. i guess they are busy tracking all these incoming bashings from bloggers… especially those who are concerned on making money thru ads placements..

    look out for their next press release..

  13. HELLO!!!

    This indeed has been a very enlightening post. Thank you very much for sharing this with us, especially your thoughts on CPC.

    Let me tell you a little bit about our CPC schemes. Nuffnang was never supposed to run CPC campaigns. However, we found that our advertisers strongly demanded CPC obviously since while branding and exposure does create value in the long run, many want to see short term returns and that is often through clicks.

    Upon negotiating with a particular advertiser for a CPC campaign, I was very reluctant on the idea of going on a CPC campaign, but I yielded, due to competition but only under the condition that bloggers get paid far more per click than they would with other ad programs. Note that the majority of our bloggers are from personal/lifestyle blogs, so the payout per click is often just a few cents as opposed to our RM0.50-RM5.00 per click (Tech bloggers like yourself probably get more per click). The advertiser felt that it was a very high price to pay, but was still willing to give it a shot.

    But we were surprised when we received backlash from some bloggers, especially complaining that we did not notify them which were CPCs campaigns and which are CPM.

    Now there are 2 reasons for this.

    1) Our CPC campaigns are only used as a second-best option. In other words, knowing that bloggers generally get paid more by unique visitor count, we give unique visitor count campaigns priority.

    2) Our advertisers agree with us that as much anti click fraud systems we have, click fraud is hard to prevent especially among bloggers and we would indeed be encouraging click fraud if we specify exactly which campaigns are CPCs and which are not. To give you a real life example, the first CPC campaign that ran had a decent click-through ratio… however, now in the second week of running that same CPC campaign, the CTR has more than tripled…. click-fraud? Maybe… but bloggers don’t have to answer to advertisers for that… it is US that have to answer to them… and if any advertiser chooses to sue for click fraud, they won’t be suing bloggers, they would be suing the company that unites bloggers ie Nuffnang.

    That being said, we try as much as we can to cater to our bloggers’ wishes. We will soon implement a system where bloggers may choose to opt out of CPC campaigns if it does not suit them.

    Image ad rotations – This is something that we’ve already implemented for a number of campaigns. Amob.com is one example, and you will see a number more of campaigns just like this in the coming week.

    Our ads are not all static, we do have .gif ads and even flash ads if they are done in a classy manner just like the Nike campaign we are currently running. The last thing we want on our bloggers blogs are flash/gif ads that blink bright yellow non-stop and make you want to put your first through your screen.

    As for the events we hold. Nuffnang was never meant to be and will never be all about making money. We are focused on community building and in organizing events to bring bloggers together. As a blogger myself, I know how events in the past were organized. A small panel of hardworking bloggers will spend a good portion of their time organizing a meet with whatever limited resources they have, and in some cases even find themselves having to fork out their own money to fund the meet.

    Gone are those days. Nuffnang uses whatever resources it has today of a well funded growing company to organize events in a manner that bloggers only have to worry about whether to attend or not…. and not about whether they have to fork out money of their own. Take for example our Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Screening that had over 200 bloggers attend. This event was not done to promote Nuffnang among bloggers, we didn’t need to do such a thing… bloggers like yourself has already helped us spread the word. The event was held as a form of thank you from those of us at Nuffnang and so that bloggers like you can go about to meet other bloggers….

    At the risk of writing too long a comment, I think I’d better stop right here.

    All in all, while it doesn’t feel that way, please remember that Nuffnang is only 4 months old… and is only now becoming more and more established in the advertising industry. We work hard to ensure we surpass everyone’s expectations… but some things just take time to do. Rome was not built in a day, and any new dotcom startup most certainly won’t either.

    Thank you for being a part of Nuffnang Hong Kiat.

    And to the rest of you who have been following posts like these, I thank you for your interest and I sincerely apologize that I no longer can personally reply each and every one of your blog entries as often as I like. Things have grown to be very busy for us at Nuffnang, that I hardly even have the time to play my new Nintendo Wii.

    That being said, if you have any urging issues, please feel free to send me an e-mail. I get over 50 e-mails a day now so I might take a little longer to reply… but I still do.

    Thank you.

    Humbly Yours,
    Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang

  14. There’s a longer answer to all this, but its 1:41 AM and I need to prepare a pitch to a new advertiser to be presented in the next 12 hours.

    I think bloggers here would probably like me to work more on the pitch to the advertiser than a long detailed reply lah :) Hence, I will write a short summary for now.

    1. Hong Kiat…First, congratulations on going pro-blogger. Sorry, but I thought Advertlets was working out well for you?

    After all, you did earn RM388.00 already (which you received in the first batch of cheques we sent bloggers), and your current account balance is quite a fair bit too… so honestly I’m a bit puzzled?


    Maybe you can let me know an expectation of how much you aim to earn, do e-mail me personally.

    We’re a couple of months old – please give us a while to catch up to compare to international advertising networks who have been around for years. As the majority of your traffic is non-Malaysian, and the fact that we are establishing Advertlets in Malaysia and Singapore primarily for now, we have a limited amount of advertising opportunities to give your site, for now.

    Hong Kiat, I admire you as the Malaysian guy who has been Digg-ed 4 times and for your commitment to delivering quality tech blogging. But Hongkiat.com was not built in a day, and neither was Advertlets.com, right?

    Without revealing details I can’t reveal yet, all I can say for now is that the next 2-4 weeks will bring a significantly higher amount of earning opportunities due to some new technology and clients.

    It’s easy to give you a standard reply, but we have a tagline to live up to, hence, here’s something for all to ponder: If any other bloggers think its not working out for your blog, I invite you to test it out for at least a month more from this day today. Let me know your earnings after then, and its its working for you.

    However, please optimize your ad placements to give us and you a fair chance.

    2. Your earnings are dependent on ad placement, and the number of ad placements you install on your blog. Install the Sidebar ad code higher up the page, earn more. Install more ad formats, receive more ads and earnings. And save the cheerleader, save the world. :)

    (If my memory serves me correctly, Hongkiat.com utilized a single ad placing that was mostly lower down the sidebar than optimal)

    3. CPC ads are rotated based on our current inventory. We aim to add more. Ideally there should be at least 10 different CPC ads at any given time for any given country, and we aim to reach this target within a month. And eventually…the number should be in the hundreds.

    4. Please stay tuned to the Advertlets blog (or subscribe to the RSS feed) to optimize your earnings, and to know of new campaigns, new announcements, and review opportunities (such as the one announced yesterday). Review opportunities are snapped up quite fast, usually.

    Sorry, we haven’t been able to send out our usual newsletters as much as we’ll like to due to time constraints. On certain days, we have as many as 80 different support requests and e-mails, and we have limited time.

    5. Lastly, if you’re not earning, e-mail us and let us know your blog, and you. Holla and we’ll try get you some bling. Straight up. Really. :)

    We match ad opportunities with bloggers two ways. Automatically, and manually.

    Automatic ad matching is based on your site demographics and traffic, and site category. This is for CPC ads, mostly.

    However, for the more lucrative CPM ads, we take extra care to make sure that both sides are getting a great deal. We’ve personally read about half of all the blogs in our network, and we hand-pick select bloggers for campaigns based on blogs that we’ve identified as an ideal fit so far.

    My full reply will come soon. Meantime, I have a client to close, and a tagline to live up to. Thanks for the feedback, and know that we aim to reward all those that roll with Advertlets.

    We have grown from 1 million impression network in our first month, to more than 11 million impressions now. And the number is steadily growing.

    Have faith, and be patient. We know that the multitude is hungry, and we will have enough bread and fish to go around in the time to come. Shalom.

  15. man you just got it right. the first day i visited and learned both, nothing impressed me seriously.. they might have a good reason why they still in cpc, but to me personally, advertising also creating awareness among users/potential customers thus we should get paid in cpm like for example vizu and the rest

  16. Few lines of introductory text in the beginning of the post, would have helped clear the confusion. I thought since when Liew owns HongKiat.com. Also the “Contributed by…” should have been at the top, if the blog has any guest bloggers.

    As for the reply to the post, I have dropped Nuffnang but still serving Advertlets. I might drop Advertlets too, at the moment I am still testing its performance.

  17. I’ve got quite a good start, my 1st month with nuff was 230. I felt quite happy with that.
    but later they dont have any campaign running on my site for the whole month of May. I feel that was a watse for me to put up a bannnner on the Prime Place as i can have other program runnning and earnnning some US$.
    Then they started having ads on my sites. but that was CPC, which converted much lessssss revenue than i earned before. quite piss….

    and the traffic they recorded oso far lessss than my stat. for example i’ve got 1000 unique on my site but nuff only recorded 300. only 30% of it!? how can!?!?!?

    advetlets lagi worse, i seldom see ads on them and even if i see, those were oso been advertised on nuff; example exabytes adn lesen mati. means they are going after nuff’s customers which sounds very BAD.

    As what Timothy said above, I still hope the local online ads industry will grow and we as bloggers enjoy the most from it.

  18. i’m sticking to both for now

    sometimes you gotta have faith and it will pay dividend

    these type of thing, you need patience, they’re still new

  19. Hi all,

    Been using advertlets for about a month and i must say, the earning is quite little despite giving it my best ad space. Hence, I took it down and give another program a chance, Agloco.

    Nuffnang is purely, in my case, CPC which I do not fancy.

  20. Ah well.. CPM or CPC, it’s the choice of the advertisers. I don’t think there is a need for Advertlets or Nuffnang to tell people that their ads they are serving is CPM or CPC. Well… it’s just me. As for my Adverlets, I’m getting random CPM and CPC ad at the same time. However for Nuffnang, it’s always the same old Exabytes(my web host that kept going up and down non stop everyday, yet kept giving out promotion ask people to subscribe to them is irking me, how on earth to show ppl good service when the sites hosted on their server kept going down?) which very obvious I know is CPC.

    Both companies are working their arse out to find advertisers and to expand their networks and this is M’sia, most won’t want to invest in CPM *sigh*

    As for earning, I earn few times more in Advertlets than in Nuffnang. Still I’m not giving up both of them, even 1 cent is also money, as long that they don’t suspend my account like what adsense does(pissed me off).

    Keep it up Advertlets and Nuffnang! I think people will be saying me sitting on the fence. I admit I am :)

  21. Nuffnang has just lowered the minimum payout to RM50.00! This is definitely good news to low-earnings bloggers including me. Like most bloggers, I hope Nuffnang will allow publisher to opt out of CPC because it was a disaster (at least for me)!

    Hmm, due to ‘competition’, Nuffnang launched CPC ads without proper planning? Advertlets, on the other hand, neglected its hybrid polling system that it once prided itself due to no competition in polling system?

    For CPM, Nuffnang pays for page views from Malaysia only. But what about the visits from unknown country that Nuffnang doesn’t know where do the visits originate from? Isn’t it unfair to bloggers (in terms of earnings, of course) if the unknown hits actually originate from Malaysia? I would suggest Nuffnang to update their IP database with the latest set of data since the percentage of unknown hits is, ahem, very, ahem, not low.

    “[Our IP address database] is updated regularly and is so sharp that we can even track the longtitude [sic] and latitude of each IP address.” Perhaps the unknown hits are originating from other planets?

    Advertlets, do you really have the technology to detect how high the ad banner is placed in order to calculate the earnings? Or, (sorry for my stupidity) do you manually check how high or low the banner is placed?

    “[B]loggers who put their sidebar ads higher, will get paid more!” Is this true?

    By the way, Advertlets does not provide crucial stat like how many clicks and impressions! I still have no clue how I generated xx cents from the banner since placing it for weeks. Luckily Advertlets created a daily earnings page for publisher since a few days ago but the data is still not up-to-date.

    Do you mind to lower the minimum payout to RM50.00 so that I can immediately cash out the money that I earned from the blogvertorial
    about Advertlets? Please provide an option for us to opt out of CPC or CPA. Are these possible?

    *This comment was originally written to be put on my blog. However, after realizing no one will read my blog except myself, I posted it here. Hope LiewCF doesn’t mind. Feel free to delete it since it’s just my RM0.02 worth.

  22. i’m still support both of this malaysia ads company. if many of you decided to “take out” the ads from your own blog, that a very good decision.

    it’s simple. if all malaysian bloggers don’t want to put the image ads in their blog, i’m volunteered myself to use that image ads ALONE!!!

    then you will see my “BIG” cheques every month!

  23. @Chong
    For someone who has left the third longest comment (after Timothy and Josh Lim) without even leaving your blog URL, it’s either strange or humble. You did mention you wanted to publish it in your blog, no? Why shy away your URL?

    If I were you, I would have published the post in my blog and come in here leaving a comment with my URL. Hopefully that will bring in some traffic to my blog. Who doesn’t need some extra traffic, especially from liewcf.com?

  24. Humble or strange? I think frustrated would be a better word. Sometimes we’re upset when the companies do not meet our expectation. And who are the ones that make us to have this kind of expectation?

    “Our record for fastest answered support enquiry is 43 secs, and currently the average time it takes for a question to be answered is about 3.8 hours.” “run by a team that sleeps very little” I submitted a ticket and it took two weeks to receive reply. Worse, the reply showed that the person did not know what’s wrong with the system and just replied for the sake of replying. I’ve decided not to submit ticket since.

    It’s funny sometimes when our referral data and keywords (which considered priceless by most of us) are collected but it shows only the recent five referrals and keywords. Many other free stat services are doing great jobs at analytics (showing data for months and even years in professional ways for free with graphs and charts) and we don’t really need another stat to do the same thing. Thanks for your attempt to help but if we want stat we will install scripts from professional stat companies. Please, remove the stat tracking with the hope that the scripts will load faster.

    “[T]he poll will undergo some changes soon, like color customization… and also we will start running sponsored polls – where instead of the default demographics poll, bloggers can run sponsored polls for advertisers and earn.” Does the word ‘soon’ carry the meaning ‘months’? Forget about the sponsored poll since it is now dying.

    Unknown country in the stat is a problem that need to be solved as soon (months?) as possible. Other stat shows me that I’ve more visitors from Malaysia and it makes me to believe that some visitors from unknown country originate from Malaysian visitors.

    Ooops, sorry for voicing my baseless arguments, just discovered these:
    “[W]e are currently in our Beta Testing stage”
    “[B]eta 1.50”

    After all, they did good jobs which really impressed us: organizing blogger gatherings, helping YF (the blogger) and the most impressive one would be pitching Malaysian and Singaporean advertisers to try online advertising (to be specific, blog advertising). Many local offline advertisers, when come to online advertising, are clueless and have no confidence to try.

    Ooops, just discovered the infamous, unprofessional and childish comparison chart has been removed. It is nothing wrong to do a comparison chart if you do it the professional way. One example of professional comparison chart is available here: http://pmetrics.performancing.com/#theotherguys

    One trivia thing to ponder about: if all bloggers are to rely g to organize gathering, s will do the same thing. Do we really prefer to see future gatherings sponsored or organized by only either one? What if we bloggers organize events or gatherings ourselves and ‘force’ (he he he) both of them to sponsor so both of them will compete i.e. offer attractive benefits to win our confidence? Also, whoever that uses dirty (or strategic?) tactics like exclusivity will lose us. ::evil grin:: Currently, both use exclusivity to weaken each other. Now we will see who drops exclusivity first.

    I do have a blog related to technology which I wrote my s review there but I’ve decided to abandon the blog since life has been and will certainly be very hectic for me in these months. I hope to try paid reviews at the blog after these busy months so I don’t want anyone to read or subscribe to that kind of blog — blog full of paid reviews, paid links in the posts etc.

    I put both g and s on one of my blog (education related). It’s no point (at least for me) to attract LcF’s visitors to my blog since they are probably interested in tech / make money online only. I personally (just personal point of view) think that leaving comment with signature link to own non-related, non-personal blog is trying to spam. I hate spam, really. Ooops, I hope I’m not spamming LcF’s blog with my lengthy comments!

    LcF knows who I am since I left my email address when submitting the comments. m and h might remember me since I have had a few email exchanges with them before and after joining g and s.

    I don’t want to be featured at your blog with the names DevilsAdvocate/Amateur/Reaymond/ENUFFisENUFF although I leave comment at 4.00 am. (Spending 4 hours to write this comment, as stupid as usual) Now if m is to write a blog post at s official blog clearing up rumours, I’ll be the first to believe, really. Clear or not clear?

    *Also, if anyone like, you’re welcome to republish my whole comment at your blog since I’d like to copyright this comment under no right reserved.

  25. @Chong
    Please accept my sincere apology for (almost) lining you up with the ranks of “the devil(s)”. I should pay attention to mybloglog a little more. I’ve seen you around before.

    I’m getting confused with all the g, s, m and h. If I understand you correctly, you were hoping m will write a post at s’s official blog to clear up rumours (as in DevilsAdvocate/Amateur/Reaymond/ENUFFisENUFF is connected to m?). If that’s what you mean, tough luck. I doubt m will ever do that. m will probably want the story of the “devil(s)” to fade away. Why would m want to bring it up himself?

    Imagine what will happen if everyone starts searching for “those IP addresses”. Tommy, Willy, Jishie, Mounster, etc might come up. Oppssss… ;-)

  26. If you’re going to have a CPM as default for all campaigns. CPC should be opt in. Just to manage publisher expectations. I wasn’t happy with CPC Image ads. CPC needs to be contextual in my opinion.

  27. @TenthOfMarch
    Glad that the weather is clear now. It’s nothing big. After all, I’m just one of those desperate publishers. ;-)

  28. Nuffnang is working quite well for me across my blog(s), its not as much compared to paid postings or even Google Adsense but I still get some earnings out of it. So I will be sticking to it for a long time yet ;)

    – MENJ

  29. I got average RM 100 each month from Advertlets and for Nuffnang i only get around RM25 per month. But it very hard to get ads for Nuffnang no sure why? But I’m very happy with advertlets.

  30. I am still happy with Advertlets. But thinking to drop Nuffnang soon. Nuffnang does not perform well. No real revenue at all. Advertlets is better Nuffnang for the moment. Anyway, AdSense the best of all. :)

  31. erm.. i dont know about you guys. but my blog http://www.senikata.com earn good money from both. Especially from advertlets.

    erm… i kinda agree with LCF on “Ratio of my local visitors”. Maybe there is a truth behind it. because 80% of my traffics are from Malaysian and I think advertlets & nuffnang, do count where the traffic coming from; in their payout calculation.

    just my 2 cents :P

  32. I’m curious to find out how much both pay to bloggers based on CPC and CPM. Anyone can help out? Guess we should all do some checking before we give premium space over to others

  33. Im not sure why I don’t put either Nuffnang or Advertlets ads on my blog.. probably I’m just not the blogging-for-profit kind of person who would do just about anything to get money out of blogging. But I do respect & support their effort of creating local ads network.. it may not be profitable to some, but I’m sure both of the programs will evolve over time…. they just need some time to adjust and hey afterall, they’re both still very new so give em a break ;)


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