Maxis iPhone 4S Launch Event in Malaysia (Photos and Videos)

Maxis iphone4s launch 9

LiewCF Tech Blog was invited to Maxis iPhone 4S launch event at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in the night of 15th December 2011. I drove all the way from Johor to KL to attend the event and hoped to get iPhone 4S at the 1st day (but failed).

Read on for the photos and videos of Maxis iPhone 4S launch event.

The queue

Maxis iphone4s launch 12

I was there around 8:30pm and already few hundreds people lining up and patiently waiting for Maxis iPhone 4S launch in the 16th December midnight.

Maxis iphone4s launch 11

The first in the queue was Leonard Chan, 16. He was there since 12PM, that’s 12 hours before the launch time!

Maxis iphone4s launch 7
Leonard Chan (in blue) was the star of the night who interviewed by many press.

I recorded a video to show you the Maxis iPhone 4S queue…

Talking about the iPhone 4S queue, a twitter friend (@WHSwee) reported that he was 2nd in queue but end up in the last due to bad registration process.


p>Maxis part-time staff needs more training prior huge event like this.

Press Conference

Maxis iphone4s launch 1

Media members were invited to Media Lounge, a comfortable hall with food & beverage served, live band, and whole row of notebooks for media to do live news update. Believe me or not, we were feeling sympathy to those waiting for hours outside the hall…

Maxis iphone4s launch 3

For the 1st time, Apple iPhone was launched concurrently by different Malaysia telcos at the same time. As the first telco to bring iPhone to Malaysians, Maxis was asked about the other telcos competition and estimated iPhone sales. I felt that Sandip Das, CEO of Maxis, wasn’t happy about the questions though.

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In the iPhone 4S features presentation of T.Kugan, Head of Product, Device, Innovation & Roaming, didn’t hightlight the most talked about iPhone 4S feature – Siri. “We are not permitted [by Apple] to talk about Siri in Malaysia”, said Maxis when media asked for the reason.

Don’t worry. Malaysia iPhone 4S has Siri. Verified by yours truly.

The following is the Maxis iPhone 4S iValue plans:

Maxis iphone 4s plans 1

Customers can enjoy FREE upgrades from iPhone 4S 16GB to 32GB when they sign up for iValue 4 on a 24-month contract for the first 30 days from the launch.

All Maxis iPhone plans include 4GB data quota of Maxis WiFi hotspots nationwide. To check out the nearest WiFi hotspot, you can download free Maxis WiFi app (iTunes link) from App Store.

During the press conference, Maxis also announced 2 other iPhone apps for Maxis customers: Maxis’ Customer Service app (iTunes link) and Maxis Roam (iTunes link).

Maxis Customer Service app allows customers to easily access their account and bill information, subscribe/unsubscribe to services and contact Maxis customer service. Maxis Roam app can detect your location and tell you the best data and call roam rates for the country you’re in.

Maxis iPhone 4S launch

At 11:45pm, media ushered to Hall 1 to witness the launch of iPhone 4S. Maxis had 40 counters ready to serve iPhone 4S customers.

Maxis iphone4s launch 15

There are iPhone 4S demo units available for you to play with. Some units had Siri turned off in iPhone Settings, and I thought they are iPhone 4 which has same design.

Maxis iphone4s launch 16

Before 12:00am, Maxis’ management team are waiting at the hall’s entry to welcome the first batch of Maxis iPhone 4S customers.

Here is the recorded moment of Maxis iPhone 4S official launch:

Maxis iphone4s launch 18
Look at the number of cameras!

Maxis iphone4s launch 19
Leonard Chan got his iPhone 4S (white) after 12 hours queue

After the launch, media are invited to Maxis iPhone 4S party at Hall 4 for drinks and entertainment, and getting media offer iPhone 4S.

Maxis Media Offer

Maxis had a media offer for the press/bloggers who attended the iPhone 4S launch event. Maybe the media offer was very attractive (iPhone 4S discount!), the response was overwhelmed.

Many media members (I, included) didn’t get their iPhone 4S at the end of the event (3:00 am). Anyway, the media offer is valid for 1 week. I will get my Maxis iPhone 4S before Christmas!

I didn’t back with empty hands though. Every invited media member received a dual USB ports car charger as door gift. :)

Maxis iphone4s launch 26

I was exhausted after the event. It was my 1st time to attend iPhone launch event. Great experience and glad to meet the Maxis management team! By the way, many thanks to my lovely wife who fetch me back at 3:00am early morning. :)

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