Review: Eubiq Power Track System

Eubiq Power Track Review
Eubiq Power Track Review

Have you ever wish to have more power points than the fixed number of power plugs at your home? As a parent, don’t you like a childproof power point? Do you like the flexibility to add, remove and reposition a power point?

If your answers are yes, Yes and YES, then please read on for my review of Eubiq Power Track, the world’s most flexible power outlet system.

When I designed and renovated my house few years ago, the power plugs’ location and number were one of my main considerations. I need many power plugs for my electrical devices.

As thoughtful as I was, I still do not have enough power plugs. The quick solution? Power extensions. But it has a few problems: not flexible, not safe, no childproof.

The plug number is fixed when you buy a power extension. You have no flexibility to add more power plugs in the future, except buying another power extension.

Your electrical device has the possibility to get fired even the switch is off because the plug is contacting the electrical wiring in case of voltage spikes. Do you know that Malaysia is a land of lightning?

Children are curious creatures. They will try everything to access the power plug, which is extremely dangerous. You will need a plug cover for every electrical outlet. Inconvenient!

Can we have a convenient and safe solution? Yes, it comes at a price. Allow me introduce you to Eubiq power track – the world’s most flexible power outlet system with GSS (more on GSS later).

Eubiq power track system (E-TUSCAN)

The Eubiq power track product I received for review is a tower model – E-TUSCAN with cable management. The silver colour tower has an aluminum base with a hollow core and 2 power tracks. Each power track can install up to 5 Eubiq power adaptors. Two sides are cable management to keep your cables away. It comes with a 3 meters long power cord to connect to the nearest power plug.

Eubiq installation

Adding a power point to Eubiq power track is as easy as 1–2–3:

  1. Push in a Eubiq power adaptor.
  2. Turn clockwise fully until you hear a “tick”.
  3. The Eubiq power adaptor is connected and powered.

Eubiq power adaptor has a beautiful blue light cycle like the TRON bike when it is powered. Slightly turn anticlockwise (you will hear a “tick”) to switch off it but remain on the power track. Twist right is ON; Twist left is OFF. Simple, isn’t it?

Twist right is ON; Twist left is OFF. Simple, isn’t it?

Flexible Eubiq Power Track System
Flexible Eubiq Power Track System

You can install Eubiq power adaptor anywhere along the Eubiq power track. Add, remove and reposition power point as you like. The Eubiq adaptor can only be installed in one way, so you would not install it wrongly.

Eubiq adaptor types

Eubiq has a range of different adaptors available to add functionalities to your power track. Besides the power plugs (British and International), you can have a USB charger adaptor, a task light, and a switch light. The USB charger adaptor’s output power is 5.0V to support fast charging of your mobile devices.

GSS System

How does Eubiq power track work
How does Eubiq power track work

GSS (Ground Sentry Shutter) is a patented safety feature found in all Eubiq power tracks. In the core of the power track is an array of springs, which act as both safety shutters and ground wire.

Poke your finger inside the power track? You are safe. No electric shock because you would not touch the live conductors at the left and right of the power core. Eubiq power track is a safe and childproof product.

Eubiq Power Track Core
Eubiq Power Track Core

Eubiq Malaysia product range

Besides portable solutions like E-TUSCAN and Director’s Track, Eubiq’s main products are Star Track and Recess Track, which you can customize the length of the power track according to your requirement. An installation will be provided by Eubiq.

Eubiq power track products
Eubiq power track products

Star Track is a power track to be installed on top of an existing power socket to provide flexibility and safety to install more power points.

Recess Track is designed to fused in your furniture, be it a feature wall or table or wherever you want to install the power track. It will blend in and give you the benefits of Eubiq power track system.

You can install them in the kitchen, office table, meeting room, TV cabinet… wherever you need flexible power points.

About Eubiq

Eubiq was founded in Singapore in the year 2000. The company invented and patterned the awards winning GSS power outlet system. Eubiq has a regional office in Dubai covering the Middle East and North Africa market. Eubiq’s products are distributed in more than 40 countries and widely used in all sectors of residential, commercial and industrial.

Price? Where to buy?

Eubiq Kiosk at Mid Valley Mega Mall, Malaysia
Eubiq Kiosk at Mid Valley Mega Mall, Malaysia

Eubiq power track products are available at Eubiq kiosk (SK–15) in Mid Valley Megamall (2nd floor, North Court (near Signature Kitchen))

Eubiq Malaysia at Mid Valley
Eubiq kiosk at Mid Valley Mega Mall, Malaysia

Eubiq Malaysia is having an offer for Eubiq power track packs from RM1,988.


[box type=”note”]I would like to thank Eubiq for the opportunity to review Eubiq product. This is a free product review with an honest write-up. I receive a Eubiq product as a token of appreciation. Interesting to submit your products for review? Contact me.[/box]

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