KINGSOFT “Geo Pet Saga” Mobile RPG Game Launched in Malaysia

Cosplayers at Geo Pet Saga launch event
Cosplayers at Geo Pet Saga launch event

KINGSOFT (M) Sdn. Bhd. launched Geo Pet Saga (GPS), a mobile role-playing game (RPG) in Malaysia on 18 September 2014.

KINGSOFT Malaysia gave away a total of 50 units of Xiaomi and Lenovo smartphones as door gift to media members. And lucky draws to give away Xiaomi products, including 2 units of Mi pad (64GB).

Geo Pet Saga demo by model
Geo Pet Saga demo by model
Geo Pet Saga launch event models
Geo Pet Saga launch event models

Geo Pet Saga mobile RPG

Geo Pet Saga mobile RPG game screenshot

Geo Pet Saga (GPS) is a mobile RPG with social twist that lets you make friends and foes. Your story begins with your abrupt transportation to Rivia, a mystical world of magic and talking animal.

GPS uses a “30 minutes design” to help beginners to get start with the game — guides to start your first quest and battle, navigate around in the game, and so on.

Your character has 3 magic skill trees consists of Attack, Sumon, and Support. You are battling with your pet companions

Geo Pet Saga mobile RPG game screenshot

60 pets are categorized in 3 bloodline (Holy, Abyss, Chaos) and 3 class (Guardian, Lancer, Mage). Each pet has a star rating from 1 star to highest rating 5 stars. One or more pets could rebirth into higher class pet. As a rule of thumb, get 5 star pets and upgrade them to highest level.

Brawl features in GPS scans for players near you so that you can battle them. In upcoming patch, Brawl will be enhanced with World bosses and a territorial system.

Geo Pet Saga mobile RPG game screenshot

The game features with 800+ quests and 16 zones, you battle across Rivia while seeking for Artifacts to unlock your path home. GPS has 16 original high quality sound tracks and 175+ sound effects.

GPS is an online mobile game requires your mobile device to have Internet connection to play. But the game only consume low data bandwidth, only 400KB for 30 minutes game play time.

GPS game features:

  • 800+ quests
  • 16 zones
  • Brawl: Find other nearby players and do battle.
  • Interactive events on world map
  • Upgrade, evolve and rebirth pet companions
  • Daily reward system (Merit system)
  • Achievements system
  • Endless tower
  • Titles system
  • Arena system

Geo Pet Saga RPG screenshots

Free download

Geo Pet Saga mobile RPG game is a free game with in-app purchases options. It is available free for both Android and iOS platforms. The game download size is around 100MB.

iOS version is pending for Apple App Store approval at the launch date, it is expected to be available in a couple weeks.


KINGSOFT is one of the earliest software developments enterprise in China. Its subsidiary company including Seasun Studio, Cheetah Mobile Inc. and WPS Office.

Geo Pet Saga is the flagship mobile game developed by Seasun Studio, which Xiaomi Inc. has invested in.

KINGSOFT is expanding towards the mobile Internet industry. The company is planning to launch at least 2 games annually in coming years.

For more information, visit Geo Pet Saga facebook page.

[Disclosure: I received an Android smartphone as door gift for attending the launch event.]

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