Niko, the Nokia N900 Robot

Nokia N900 robot: Niko

Nokia N900 is a ultra-hackable smartphone. It is so hackable that @ericscorner used N900 to power a robot which receives commands from Twitter!

Meet the @N900Niko, the Nokia N900
powered robot! Build with 2 boxes of LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

You, anyone, can control the movement of the robot and command it to take a photo, via Twitter.

To make NIKO move forward, tweet: @N900Niko move forward
To make NIKO move backwards, tweet: @N900 move backward
To make NIKO turn to the right, tweet: @N900Niko turn right
To make Niko turn to the left, tweet: @N900Niko turn left
To make Niko turnaround, tweet: @N900Niko turn around
To make Niko take a picture and upload it to Twitpic, tweet: @N900Niko photo

The photos are uploaded to Twitpic, a photo hosting service for Twitter. Here are the photos taken by Niko.

[via gizmodo]

P.S. I received a Nokia N900! Stay tuned for my N900 review! ;)

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