P1 4G WIGGY 39 Plan, the Cheapest Mobile Broadband in Malaysia

P1 wiggy 39 ad

MALAYSIAP1, the 4G wireless broadband service provider, launches new cheapest post-paid mobile broadband plan in Malaysia called WIGGY 39 for only RM39 per month. Read on for the details.

P1 4G WIGGY 39 Plan

P1 wiggy 39

WIGGY 39 Plan offer 1Mbps download speed and 0.5Mbps upload speed, with 2GB monthly data quota. You can top up quota for RM5 per 1GB. Monthly fee is RM39.

For limited time offer, you only pay RM19 for the first 2 months, and RM29 for 3rd & 4th month. Meaning, you save a total of RM60 if you subscribe WIGGY 39 more than 4 months.

There’s no contract bound and you can terminate the WIGGY mobile broadband plan at anytime.

P1 4G portable modem: UH235 or UT235?

You can choose between from 2 USB dongles (portable modem): UH235 and UT235. The former has bigger size but higher performance; The latter is new and smaller size like a flash drive. Both dongles do not support WiFi.

UT235 only supports Microsoft Windows. UH235 supports Windows and Mac OS X, but not yet support Mac OS X Lion (10.7).

While you get the mobile dongle device for free but you will need to pay one-time activation fee, RM100 for UT235 and RM150 for UH235. Both portable modem are covered by lifetime warranty during your subscription period.

Can I use WIGGY modem indoor?

Though WIGGY mobile dongle devices are designed to be used on-the-go (read: outdoor), I had no problem to use UH235 indoor, landed house with open windows, and got maximum connection speed (5Mbps). Contact P1 support when you have question.

Check out P1 WIGGY Plan for more information.

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