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printit square postcard

Oh my, time flies! My first child to celebrate 1st birthday in July! I still remember the moment when I hug him for the first time…

I took a lot of his photos in the past year using the best camera with me all the time – my smartphone. I show off my baby photos on instagram and facebook.

As a geek daddy, I have a backup system to create multiple photo backups on local, external, cloud…, but I never print a hard copy. His cute photos are only kept in the computer. What a waste!

Sweet memories are worth to share. Sharing does not mean passing your mobile phone around and have your family and friends swipe through your photos.

I am a tech-savvy person but I miss the good old days when whole family sitting together and flipping though photo album and chit-chat. Of course, my parents too prefer the old-school way of photo browsing.

Copy photos to USB flash drive then drive to the nearest photography shop is too troublesome for lazy me. Printit is a mobile app to order photo prints.

Printit app

printit screenshots
printit screenshots

Printit app is Made In Malaysia, a creation by Tribeup Sdn Bhd. The app was first launched on Apple App Store on 11 February 2014 and received the first order almost immediately. Now Printit has printed over 5,000 photos for over 200 customers all over Malaysia.

You may order photo prints, postcards, and photobook via the app. The price is from RM12 for 20pc (MiniSquare). All prints are free shipping in Malaysia.

Printit app is free and available for and .

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