uTorrent BitTorrent Client to have Sponsored Torrents (You can disable it)

uTorrent logo

uTorrent logouTorrent is the most popular BitTorrent software with over 125 million users worldwide. It is small size, free, and (was) ads free. There’s paid version of uTorrent called uTorrent Plus ($25) with extra features.

On August 9th, BitTorrent Inc, uTorrent’s parent company, announced that future version will have “sponspored torrents”.

This new build will display a featured torrent at the top of your torrent list. This featured torrent space will be used to offer a variety of different types of content. We are working towards bringing you offers that are relevant to you.

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How to Add AdSense to Google Sites

google sites and google adsense
Google AdSense announced that, as a result of a recent integration, now you can place AdSense ads on Google Sites to earn money.

Google Sites is an online application that makes creating a team web site as easy as editing a document. With Google Sites, people can quickly gather a variety of information in one place — including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text — and easily share it for viewing or editing with a small group, their entire organization, or the world.

Here I show you how to add Adsense and change AdSense ads styles on Google Sites.

How to add AdSense to Google sites

add adsense to google sites

  1. Login Google Sites, click on the site you want to add AdSense.
  2. Click the More actions drop-down menu, and select Manage site.
  3. Click Monetize on the left side of the page.
  4. Click the Monetize this site button.
  5. Create a new AdSense account or use an existing account.
  6. To add AdSense into…
    • sidebar, simply click on the “Add” button under Site Sidebar.
    • page content, Edit any page, then choose Insert -> AdSense from the menu to place ads within your page content.

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Google: No AdSense Ads Below Blog Title

By referring to Google AdSense placement heat map, we put Google AdSense ads above blog content (below post title) for better performance. But Google AdSense team does not quite agree with the ads placement.

no adsense ads below blog titleQuickOnlineTips received an email from Google AdSense support pointing out the issue on their site.

In fact, Google Adsense Blog published 2 guidelines earlier and one of them is “ads shouldn’t be placed under a title or section heading in a way that implies that the ads are not ads.

I didn’t take much attention to the guideline because I thought mine is different than the example. My AdSense ads was separated by categories and date. But it seems AdSense team think the different.

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Advertlets, You are Fired!

The is a guest post submitted by Wong Tech Jung, a blogger on duller.kuluchew.com. The original Chinese blog post is available at here. All content and opinions belong to the author.

I (Wong Tech Jung) am a Chinese blogger. In October last year, I decided to use Advertlets over Nuffnang. This decision is due to the amount of Nuffnang and earning I received from Nuffnang is too low, and lots of Malaysian Chinese blogs are using Advertlets as well. However today I gave up Advertlets and changed back to Nuffnang again.

The decision of abandoning Advertlets is simply because they can’t pay to the publishers. After using Advertlets for two months (since October 2007), my blog was affected by its domain name expiry in January. Due to Josh and his colleagues Alzheimer, they allowed their domain name to expire and this is the worst thing that could happen for an online company. However I still wanted to give it a try.

After Advertlets settled its domain name expiry issue, it decided to pay more to the members who continued to use Advertlets. During that time, I have a pretty good earning. Some time later, I discovered Advertlets actually paid differently to bloggers with same traffic and advertisement (shown in image below).

snowxwhile-advertlets (click to enlarge)

duller-advertles (click to enlarge)

I requested for a cashout in February and March as I reached RM 100 in both months. As Advertlets earning is just peanuts compare to other service, such as Google Adsense and Text Link Ads, I simply forgot the existence of Advertlets in my blog and didn’t bother to check back Advertlets earning again.

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